The greatest gift of life is friendshipThe greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.

Hubert H. Humphrey

Actually, it’s much more than just making a ‘girlfriend gift‘ …

It’s a thoughtful, creative way to express your girlfriend gratitude, to make her day/birthday special, to be an ongoing reminder of your friendship.

All this, and it’s pretty simple girlfriend. Today’s Month of Friendship ‘challenge’ is to make a girlfriend gift. It doesn’t need to be a six-month project, it can be very simple and you can even do it if you feel you’re ‘not crafty or creative.’ We’ll get to how easy in just a bit.

For now, you might be wondering WHY it’s so important to ‘make’ a gift? Wouldn’t a store-bought gift be just as well received?

Sure, you can be thoughtful and generous with girlfriend gifts you purchase. But we’re going a little further in our friendships this month to inspire you to be a better friend, to be the kind of friend you’d love to have.

For a valued friend, for a special birthday, for a surprise way of saying thanks for your friends, making a girlfriend gift is a wonderful way of expressing your girlfriend gratitude. It shows that you took time and made an effort to do something special, something that could only come from you. It’s a tangible expression of your friendship. For example …

friendship girlfriend gift pillow from tinaMy friend Tina is a pillow and interior designer. We share a passion for what we do and appreciate for our friendship. A couple years ago she made the ‘girlfriend flower‘ pillow above for me. (It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?!) Yes, should could have bought this in a store for me and I would have loved it because it came from her and it was personalized with the Girlfriendology flower. But because she took time to find all the materials, designed it and used her talents to create it, and because she created a tangible expression of her support and friendship, I will cherish it, and her friendship, forever.

So, how do you go about making a handmade girlfriend gift? Well, we’ve got some creative DIY ideas and girlfriends to inspire you:

  • Special Birthday Girlfriend Gift – make a mini scrapbook or photo album personalized to your friend and her special birthday. It’s pretty simple: take photos at her birthday party or request photos and letters from her friends. Compile them in a decorated album or create one through or other printers. She’ll love looking at the photos and thinking of you and your friendship.
  • What does she love? – Is she a jewelry girl? Would love to wear a scarf you knitted? Personally, it always makes me feel like my girlfriend is nearby when I wear something she made for me. Take note of her personal style, combined with your creative talents and show her how much her friendship means to you.
  • Get Creative – even if you’re ‘not’ – There’s lots of gift items you can purchase then simply embellish them to personalize them to your friend and her colors, style, celebration. Grab a photo frame and glue on some scrapbook embellishments or beads to customize it. Then add your favorite photo of the two of you. Take a photo and have it printed onto a pillow form, journal or t-shirt. ( and do custom printing relatively cheap.)
  • Kinda Creative? Jewelry is easy – Our Facebook/Girlfriendology poll showed that girlfriends love to give/receive jewelry, and given a choice of earrings, bracelets or necklaces, bracelets won. Jewelry is actually kinda easy to make if you have a few of the right tools, findings and some great beads. For inspiration, check out my creative beading pro girlfriends: Katie Hacker, Jill MacKay and Margot Potter.
  • It’s in the Cards – We’ve all got paper and markers in our home, why not create a custom, hand-made card? Add scrapbook embellishments, stickers, photos – whatever helps you creatively express your girlfriend gratitude. Add an inspirational quote (we have lots to share), a special message and you’ve got a great greeting card for your BFF.

What girlfriend gifts do you love to give or receive? What hand-made gift is extra special to you? Share and inspire!

Come back and celebrate this Month of Friendship! Tomorrow … caffeine! ūüôā

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More DIY Ideas and Homemade Girlfriend GIft Inspiration:


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