friends are a partyWherever there are friends, there is a party. ūüôā

Call up the girls – it’s time to hang out together!

Who do you love laughing with and sometimes even like crying with? (like over a touching movie) Generally it’s the fab females in our life who turn watching a chick flick into a party. And, who can find new ways to make Wii a hilarious way to spend an evening. So, why not invite them over for an evening of laughs and snacks for an impromptu girlfriend party?

It’s our Month of Friendship and we’re sharing 30 days of 30 ways to connect with old friends and make new friends. So, for this September Saturday, we’re taking on the at-home girlfriend party (we’ve done girlfriend dinners and happy hours but this is different).

For a Movie, aka: Chick Flick, get-together:

  • Pick the night and guest list. If you¬† have room for a larger girlfriend party, ask your friend to invite one of their girlfriends so you make new friends. Send an invite/evite.
  • Select the movie(s) or let the girls. (Check out our list of girlfriend recommended chick flicks!) Make sure it’s appropriate for all your guests – no one will feel uncomfortable with the theme. Probably not good to have a divorce theme if someone is going through that or a plot based on someone with cancer if that’s a little ‘too close to home’ for any of your guests.
  • Pre-party – Plan time before the movie to snack and catch up with each other before the movie starts.
  • Get creative – Theme your snacks around the movie – like if the movie were ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ you could have Italian food (with some prayer beads and flowers to decorate the table – or spell your friends names in petals!).

For a Wii party with the girls:

friendship girlfriend book club wii party

  • Create or find a custom wii inviteEvite has several wii party invite with karaoke, bowling, guitar hero images. Let the invitees know the plan for the evening and what clothes to wear.
  • Attire – Are you planning a tournament with teams? Assign teams, give them a color/name and have players dress accordingly (in comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely).
  • Prepare the room – Remove the coffee table and clear out space for the players. And, make sure there is room/seating for the ‘fans’ to watch and cheer.
  • What’s the Score? – Have a scorecard, whiteboard or some method for tracking the teams/individuals. Give little prizes for the MVP, most improved, Miss Congeniality, etc.
  • Wii-skey Sours? – Theme the menu and beverages for the games you’re playing or the teams. Have water and energy drinks available for the players.
  • Picture This – Don’t miss this fun photo op night! Post to Facebook or send images to friends.

No Stress Girlfriend Party: Don’t worry about having a perfectly cleaned house or the best gourmet menu. In fact, we all like to chip in so let your guests know what food/beverages to bring or other ways they can help. Having your girlfriends over isn’t about a movie or a wii competition, it’s about being with your friends, sharing your lives and laughing together. So enjoy your evening with the girls!

Share your girlfriend party ideas and stories!

How many days of this Month of Women’s Friendship have you celebrated? Tomorrow … get out! ūüėČ

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