Send your girlfriend a cardWhen was the last time you got a card from a girlfriend?

When did you receive a surprise reminder of how much you matter to a dear friend? Or read a heartfelt message from a friend that could only come from her? And, when was the last time you sent such a greeting card or message?

Today is Day 13 of our Month of Friendship and we’re exploring 30 ways to celebrate being a friend in September. Today: you got it! Send a card!

I know. It sounds simple. Simple like saying ‘how’s your day?’ or complimenting her shoes. Simple like responding with ‘you’re welcome’ (not ‘no problem’) or remembering her birthday.

But it’s not. It’s not something we do on an even near-regular basis. It’s not in our ‘friendship radar’ to pick up a ‘thinking of you/thankful for you’ card or communicate our appreciation of our girlfriends. (That’s why it made our Month of Friendship List of ways to be a better friend!)

We asked some of our girlfriends from our Girlfriendology Facebook community how you feel when you give/receive a thoughtful girlfriend greeting card and you said:

  • Alisa – Makes me feel thought of and that is a nice feeling.
  • Jacalyn – It made me feel special!!!!
  • Vicki – I keep it on my desk. Makes me smile and remember my buddy since she has passed.friendship tip junkie girlfriend gift
  • Vivian –  Yes, my bestie send me a motivational card and I keep it on my vanity!

(Love that you keep and treasure a greeting card from a girlfriend! Did you see our interview with Khloe Kardashian? She keeps her cards too!)

Not that you need any inspiration to shop, but we’ve got a little girlfriend advice on sending greeting cards just in case:

  • Don’t wait for a birthday – Send it ‘just because’ … just because you thought of her when you read the card, just because you know she’s having a hard time and wanted to cheer her up, or just because (period). She’ll love finding a thoughtful message from you among the bills, junk mail and ad circulars – guaranteed!
  • Make her a card – If you’re crafty or even just know how to use stickers, you can make her hand-made card to share your heart-felt appreciation. (Find out about the silly ‘money coat’ gift/greeting created by Laurie Turk, aka: the tip Junkie.)
  • Buy a whole box of beautiful cards and get in the habit of sending them – Be a ‘girl scout’ (“be prepared!”). Stock away some girlfriend-y greetings for quick thank you notes, just because cards or to cheer her up when she’s had a bad day or doctor report.
  • Send an eCard – The eCards on the American Greetings eCard site are awesome! I recently sent 10 different cards to girlfriends all over the world that were hilarious or thoughtful friendship cards. Check it out!
  • Can I quote you? – Unable to express your exact feelings and appreciation? We’ll try to help you out. We have an extensive directory of friendship quotes on Girlfriendology. Also, we post longer friendship quotes daily on our Facebook page. Check them out for clever ways to express yourself and your feelings.Start your free trial now!
  • Cheer her up with a bunch of cards – It’s so painful to see a friend go through tough times. Sometimes one card just doesn’t say enough. So, why not send two or a dozen, or get other girlfriends to send several cards each too. Nothing says you’re loved like a mailbox full of greeting cards (from people who love you!).
  • Take your time and find the perfect card – You’ll know it when you see it, but sometimes it isn’t in the first aisle of cards you explore. Look for the one that makes you smile and think of her, or relate to her situation. One of my favorite cards for friends dealing with cancer reads: “Wear some cool boots. Cool boots make you feel like you can handle anything. (inside) Or at least kick it really hard.” (Combines boots, which women love, with empowerment of kicking “it” – that makes it a perfect card for me!)

What girlfriend could use a thoughtful, caring or even funny card from you?

When have YOU received/sent a girlfriend greeting? How did it make you feel?

Tomorrow, in this Month of Female Friendship, put on your going-out shoes! It’s GNO!

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