Celebrate friendship – by going shopping with your girlfriends?!

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Go Shopping with a GirlfriendTammy Faye Bakker

YES! We’re celebrating this Month of Friendship by exploring daily ways to find, build and celebrate friendships. Today, Day 10, is Friday and a great day to plan a shopping trip with your gals pals for this weekend.

See, we know that female friendship makes women healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and feel more beautiful. And that good female friendships, the stuff BFF’s are made of, requires that we spend time together (IRL or online, but IRL is best!). One fun way to spend time with our girlfriends is to combine things we want/need to do with girlfriend time.

One favorite female activity (to generalize, I know, but work with me here!) is to shop. We’re ‘gatherers,’ right? We usually are in charge of grocery shopping, clothing ourselves and our families, giving gifts for birthdays and holidays, decorating our homes and making sure everyone has what they need. Again, right? So, at some point, we NEED to shop. Sometimes we just WANT to shop, and that’s okay too! What better opportunity to fulfill that task while in the company of your favorite female friends.

Shopping with a friend is much more fun than shopping alone – if we pick the right friend to accompany us. (We don’t want to be with our friend who HATES shopping and we love to take our time looking at every pair of shoes! Select someone with the same timing and interest in what your shopping for.) Plus, we get the added benefit of having our friends, who will be truthful with us, to offer their opinions and help us in making decisions.

Here’s a couple girlfriend shopping ideas/options:

Friendship girlfriends shopping

  • Plan a weekend shopping together: Shared earlier this month, my girlfriend Colleen (shown in the photo on the right) went on a shopping trip with her girlfriends for a weekend. If you can do that, Colleen HIGHLY recommends it. They had a blast together shopping, laughing, eating and shopping some more. Go! Shop! Laugh!
  • Do some Fall Fashion Shopping: What’s in style for this Fall? Well, girlfriends – of course! Girlfriends are great for helping to translate the fashion trends into what is wearable and flattering for our bodies. Need some good girlfriend advice on Fall Fashion trends? Check out my girlfriend Erika’s great, glamorous blog: ChicShopperChick.com.
  • Make it a Full Fashion Shopping Day: Start with lunch and bring fashion magazines like Fashion, Vogue or In Style to peruse and discuss. Start the shopping day out by looking for specific pieces to update your wardrobe for 2010 Fall fashions. Then set out together to find these items.
  • Get out – at the Outlets: Half-way between our cities is an outlet mall. My girlfriend Deana and I like to meet there to shop, walk laps (and talk lots!) and have a meal together. Of course, some outlet malls are better than others, but they’re all fun with you’re walking and talking – and shopping with a girlfriend.
  • Plan a Shopping Day with a Bunch of Girlfriends: In celebration of National Women’s Friendship Day (aka: Month of Friendship), Girlfriendology arranged a day of shopping with several stores. They had special pricing as well as drinks/snacks for all the women who shopped on that day. (That’s our photo in Nest, a great gift store in Hyde Park/Cincinnati.) Create your own special day of shopping by inviting a bunch of your girlfriends. Ask the merchants if they’ll do anything special for your girlfriends – like a mini fashion show or demo-ing some products, offering discounts or snacks, etc. Even if they don’t, plan different times/places to meet through the day so they can shop then share what they found with each other.
  • Plan a Clothing Swap – is like shopping with your girlfriends without spending money! Finding new things to wear and accessorize with is always in season, so invite your girlfriends to a clothing swap. Check out girlfriend Kasmira’s guide to clothing swaps.

Plan a day with your girlfriend(s) shopping – and share how much fun you had here!

Celebrate this Month of Female Friendship! Tomorrow … in honor of 9/11 … (Come back and see us!)

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