Friendship Girlfriends at ChristmasHow can we not celebrate holidays that let us show our friends and family how much we love them? Merry Christmas Girlfriends! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!!!!

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!
Hamilton Wright Mabie

Wow. This is the week. The week we celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah. The time of the year that we spend time with friends and family, the season where we all (hopefully) forget our differences and enjoy our common bonds of friendship, family and love. Our annual exercise in giving gifts to those special to us. Our traditions of spending time with people we love – and even co-workers we don’t necessarily love. It’s a wild week wrapping up stress, expectations and traffic, memories, miracles and miles to grandmother’s house we go.

Whatever holiday you celebrate during this season of candles and light, of presents and presence, whatever your traditions for gift-giving, friend and family gathering, or fruitcake vs. iced cookies … celebrate this season of love. Be thankful for the amazing people that make our lives brighter every day of the year. Experience the warmth of friends and family. Relive memories and smile. Be there for your friends who may have sad memories or experiences at the holidays or in the last year.

In my home it’s ‘Merry Christmas‘ and in my dear friend (and our ‘Chief of Insanely Brilliant Ideas’ – Judi Cogen)’s house it’s ‘Happy Hanukkah.’ And, I have dear friends who merely celebrate ‘Happy Holidays!‘ Whatever you celebrate – may you feel loved, may you be near friends and family who love you, and may you make memories for a lifetime. You are loved girlfriend. Thanks for all you do for your friends and family – at the holidays and throughout the year!

From Girlfriendology this week:

We’re celebrating the 12 Days of Friendship:

Whatever you celebrate in your home – Have a Happy ___________! Love ya Girlfriend!