LOL savings summit 2010Girlfriends make your life better!

At least we should! As girlfriends, we share helpful information, links, great websites, sales and couponing suggestions and anything else that will save our girlfriends time, money, stress – whatever we can do to be a better friend and make your life better!

So, we’re starting a new MONDAY feature – things you’ve shared with us or things we’ve learned/found to make our girlfriends’ lives better.

The LOL LIVE Savings Summit was a great event presented (for free!) by the Cincinnati Enquirer/ and featured the LOL – Locals on Living – Bloggers (of which Girlfriendology is one!). The focus was on helping each other saving money and, as you’ll see below, they shared some fabulous information. The LOL Savings Summit featured these great girlfriends and bloggers:

I learned a ton so I thought I’d share some of the tips, tricks and techniques shared by these girlfriends (and guyfriend Dr. Huber!) at the LOL Savings Summit:

From Cooking with Caitlin – who did a tasty food demonstration:

1. Small servings = Small cost – Chef Caitlin prepared appetizers that each cost $.16/serving. She recommended making a little smaller servings to stretch out your food and budget. She used coupons (some of Andrea’s tips below!) to create three different appetizer recipes that were all yummy!

From Andrea / – “List, Clip, Shop & Save” presentation

2.  Meal Planning = Savings and Time – Planning ahead on what you’re having for meals helps you avoid impulse purchases, plan ahead for your coupons and save time shopping/preparing. As Andrea shared: “when creating your menu plan, think about: shopping your pantry (what do you already have?), shop the sales (especially the loss leaders) and think ahead (cook double and freeze half for another meal).

3. Coupon Sources – Andrea recommends getting the Sunday paper delivered to your home. (Attendees received a Cincinnati Enquirer coupon to save money on that!) Coupons can also be found online, on products, in the aisles (in ‘Blinkies’ – the blinking coupon dispensers), etc. Andrea actually has a ton of info on this (as well as links on her site – check it out).

4. Get Paid to Shop – Yes! You can! Andrea shared sources for earning money for online shopping. (Love this and our smart, savvy, couponing girlfriend Andrea!) (Check out her presentation here with these and more great ideas, links, etc.) (Picture below is Kazmira, Andrea and Amy – taken by our girlfriends at Cooking With Caitlin.)

kazmira amy andrea at LOL Savings Summit 2010 by Cooking with CaitlinFrom Kazmira and Amy on “Heels and Steals” (here’s their ustreamed presentation)

5. Swapping – You can save money and get some unique, cool clothes by swapping, as Kazmira shared. She uses SwapShop on Flickr. Share shares how here on her blog. She also inspired us to Thrift shop, remix items in our closet (layer/schange/accessorize them) and to expand our color palet.

6. Rent Your Clothes – Have a super special occasion coming up? You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands on a designer dress, you can rent – as Amy shared. (Plus, then you can rent another dress for the next event so you don’t have to feel like you have to wear it repeatedly to get your money’s worth out of it!) She recommends Rent The Runway.

AffordableScarves.com7. Jazz up your look affordably – with a Scarf! – Kazmira and Amy demonstrated several ways to dress up your outfit with the simple use of a scarf. From looping it around your neck in several ways to belting it, we all learned new ways to accessorize with just an affordable scarf.

From Dr. Huber of Healthy Alter Ego, “How to Pad Your Wallet and Not Your Butt” (Here’s his presentation)

8. Exercise+ – Dr. Huber encouraged us to really get moving, and not just walking. He shared that we really need to get our heart rate up to 120 when exercising. (More info on his presentation above.)

9. Lose Weight = Lose Starches! – If we eliminate potatoes, bread, pasta and rice, Dr. Huber shared we can probably drop 10 pounds pretty easily. It was a great reminder to eat more veggies.

10. Protein for Breakfast – Dr. Huber advised us to eliminate cereal, yogurt, bagels from our breakfasts and to stick with protein – actually 20-25 grams of protein. So skip the cereal and have either three eggs (to get enough protein), a steak or pork chop to get your day started!

Our girlfriend savings advice?

Join forces with your girlfriends! Swap coupons. Share sites/information on savings. Shop together. Or shop for each other to save time and (with coupons) money. Encourage and inspire each other to be frugal and celebrate your successes – together! Also, no need for an expensive mocha or movie, just hang out together. (And share your savings tips and links on our Girlfriendology Facebook page!)

Thanks for including Girlfriendology in this great women’s event and we look forward to more LOL events/opportunities!

p.s. The Cooking with Caitlin podcast ‘secret:’ one of our Cooking with Caitlin  girlfriends was in the bath tub when we taped this podcast! (The only quiet place in her home!)

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