How can you make your friend’s life better?

4 ways to make a friends life betterAlbert Schweitzer said: “Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.”

As women we often ‘tend’ to our community by volunteering. We help our kids sell Girl Scout cookies or candy bars for their band. We donate diapers, food, time and money to community organizations.  We serve on the board of organizations who work together to make our cities and others better. We don’t ask for pay or even expect anything in return, it’s just what we do – right?

As girlfriends, sometimes we don’t see the same type opportunities to get involved and make her life better. So, as a little reminder, here are 4 simple ways you can make her life better:

Make her life better, be a better friend

  • 1. Be there for her when she just needs someone to listen. I just got a call from a girlfriend who had news from a Doctor that she didn’t want to hear. What did she do? She called me and said, “Talk about anything else with me.” So, we chatted about the weekend instead. Sometimes we just need to be there – just: be there.
  • 2. Understand. We all have unique views of life and different dreams. It’s tough to see through her eyes why some things are important to her but not so important to us. As a friend, sometime we just have to understand her and to even agree to disagree. Friendships are far too important to not make the effort to understand each other.
  • 3. Send good vibes. Personally, based on my faith, I pray for my friends. I don’t always tell them that – especially if they might feel a little uncomfortable with religion or faith. But I do let them know I’m sending them ‘good vibes.’ Whatever you believe or whatever you call it, thinking buy phentermine adipex online good thoughts on the behalf of a friend can’t hurt – right? I think sharing that we’re sending positive energy their way is a wonderful way to assure them that they’re not alone and that you are there for them.
  • 4. Wish the best for your girlfriend(s). Is she going to Europe where you’d love to be able to afford to go? Does she have a better job, have genes that let her eat whatever she wants while you feel like you should watch what you eat? It’s tough sometimes, but as a friend it’s awesome to know that your girlfriends celebrate your successes with you. And, know that she’ll celebrate yours with you too.

How do you make your friend’s lives better? How can you be a better friend?

Share your thoughts to inspire us!

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