Friendship Girlfriends on cruiseGirlfriend Guru Janet Devito takes a look at working to keep friendships with girlfriends strong.

September is a special month around Girlfriendology – it’s International Women’s Friendship Month (aka: #FriendshipMonth) and we’re celebrating with 30 great guest blogs filled with fabulous girlfriend advice and wisdom. Today we hear from a girlfriend JANET DEVITO (leader of our Girlfriendology Cruise!):

When is the last time you went out to lunch with your Girlfriends?

It is so cliche when people say “The secret to a healthy marriage is to work at it and put in the effort. Nothing good comes easy.” The same cliche can be said for friendship. It takes effort…or it slips away. I remember when my kids were in grade school. As a stay at home mom, time with my friends came easy. Play dates, meeting at the gym, walking, lunch dates, manicures, shopping…we always seemed to find the time to spend doing anything we could that enabled us to spend time talking & laughing. I remember when we all celebrated our 30th birthdays by having “Slumber Parties!” Yes at 30! It was great fun to feel like a teenager again. Those were great times. My Friendship card was full.

Somehow 15 years later, as all the kids have grown, so have our friendships….and in many cases they have grown apart. Not due to arguments or anything traumatic…mostly because of “life changes” –
• Going back to work
• High School sports schedules
• Divorce
• Family relocation

… and the list can go on and on. All good friendships should be able to withstand that if they are nurtured. But the truth is that we each get tied up in our own “web of life” within our own families and tend to neglect nurturing those friendships. It is sad to look back and say “What happened? I used to love hanging out with the Girls and now I can’t remember the last time we had lunch!”

I truly believe it is never to late to pick up that phone and rekindle that old friendship and reconnect with your BFFs. Chances are they are driving home from work thinking the same thing! Call them. Invite them to lunch. Spend time catching up. It is like riding a bike…just like how we slipped back to being a teenager at a 30-year-old Birthday Slumber Party you can slip right back into your friendship. Friendship doesn’t come easy, but it is worth it! The key to nurturing a friendship is spending time together.

Janet DeVito is 48 years old, happily married and just plain happy!  She always wondered what she would do when the kids were grown.  After raising five children, she decided to follow her passion for travel and friends by hosting nexium where to buy Girls Getaway Cruises. Definitely not an “empty nester”! You can find out more about her Getaways at (Janet was our Cruise Director for our Girlfriend Cruise this past year and is a SCREAM! Check out her site for more fab ‘Girls on a Cruise’ women’s travel opportunities.)

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