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We have great girlfriend conversations on Fridays when Jill, Becky and I meet for coffee.

We talk about life, dreams, lessons we’re learning, our need for community (aka: friendship!), our spiritual challenges and growth – and about everything in between. (That covers: shoes, dogs, husbands/dating, jobs – or lack thereof, etc.) It’s your basic ‘girlfriend therapy‘ and I’m a better person because of spending time with these great girlfriends.

Just a little background on us, we’re all ‘in transition.’ (Isn’t that really true of all of us?) Some transition is the typical – what job do I want or what do I want to do with my life? Some transition is lessons we’re learning along the way – like dealing with our communities, life in a world where the economy/rules have changed and some kinda tough stuff going on with family.

I always walk away with a deep appreciation, gratitude and love for my girlfriends. I’m honored to be their friend and for them to share their lives with me. I also always leave with some lesson I needed to learn.

This week our discussion seemed to circle around a principle Jill shared: Live Full, Die Empty. Not even over a lifetime, but also on a daily basis. Start each morning full and collapse at the end of the day empty from the mental, physical and emotional ‘work’ you’ve done that day. Don’t just ‘live your life’ but “LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Do you challenge yourself and your girlfriends to LIVE? Do you LIVE as an inspiration to them? And, if not, what would it take to LIVE YOUR LIFE? A life that will inspire, support and encourage others to live FULL.

Thanks Jill and Becky for the lessons, laughter and love you share with me on Friday coffee dates and whenever I need it. Thanks for the girlfriend therapy – for free! (-;

Share your thoughts on living a full life below. Do it – then share and inspire others!

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