Carole Duvall and Debba HaupertJust her voice and laughter makes me miss her. And, from reading several of the message boards on HGTV, DIY and several blogs, a lot of you miss her too.

If you’re at all crafty or have kids who enjoy making things, you’ve heard her voice and laughter. And, you’ve no doubt been inspired by this amazing woman. CAROL DUVALL has been on television for 57 years (and her re-runs will hopefully continue for many years!). In our recent podcast interview Carol shared how she got started and how her career proceeded to find her as THE craft show on television, “The Carol Duvall Show.”

I had the honor of being on her show a dozen times (and taping with her on the Shop At Home network) so I am especially fond of her voice and laughter – it not only reminds me of her show but also of some of the best memories of my life, taping this show with wonderful, welcoming crew and guests.

With 57 years of experiences, you would expect to learn a few things from this smart, fun, kind and creative woman. Here’s a few LESSONS FROM A GIRLFRIEND, from our conversation with Carol Duvall:

* BE NICE – Carol is genuinely a nice person. She always made her guests feel welcomed and comfortable even when we were newbies and might mess up and have to retape. In the podcast, she shared how her father told her to always be nice to everyone you work with – and she did. Listen to her tell how she got her first network gig, on “The Home Show.”

* SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GIRLFRIENDS – Kelly, Cherryl, Cam, Linda … and so many other great women were on Carol’s production crew. Each of them worked hard and were dedicated to their girlfriend, Carol. I love how Carol enjoyed these women as much as they loved working with her. She still gets together with her friends from the show like Donna Kato, Mary O’Neil and Karen buy ativan online cheap no prescription Thomas. She also wrote her latest book, Paper Crafting with Carol Duvall, with her former producer and dear friend, Cherryl Greene. She gets the need for and blessing of girlfriends!

* HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY – As Carol shares in the podcast, she would tape multiple shows in one day. This involved a lot of preparation and planning by her staff. At the end of often very long days, there often was time for fun. And who better to have fun with than girlfriends?! Carol and her crew and guests would sometimes go to dinner after a full day of taping. I was with her and several from the crew one night in Nashville when we were taping at Shop At Home. You know the beautiful women who host shopping network shows? They were with us (including Kim from Oprah’s recent “Big Give” show!) – all of them could be cover-girl models. But it wasn’t the beautiful blonds that drew the attention of one man at the bar. He sent a drink over to Carol. He didn’t know her from TV at all. He just thought she was beautiful and special. And she will forever be.

Carol, thank you so much for taking time to talk with me on the Girlfriendology podcast but most of all, my personal and heart-felt thanks for the treasured memories I have of being on your show and working with you and your great crew. Thanks for the creative inspiration that you’ve been for millions of us who find so much happiness, stress release and fulfillment from our crafty creations that we learned from you and your show. Thanks for your book, for your perseverance in the wild world of television and, most of all, thank you for your laughter. What a wonderful legacy you’ve lived – 57 years on television, countless craft segments and projects, and a world of creative inspiration. We’re all so blessed to have you as our creative girlfriend!

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