BFF Girlfriend LessonsWith a BFF by your side, life is GOOD – right? You don’t go alone. You don’t feel alone. You don’t laugh or cry alone. Maybe you want a BEST BFF, or maybe you want to be one, or maybe you recognize that life is better with a BFF by your side … we all have so much to learn from each other. That’s what we’re about here at Girlfriendology.

A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. ~Unknown

So here are 5 lessons from the BEST BFFs a girl could have (that hopefully will make you a better BFF too):

1. Be a Great LISTENER – Don’t talk about listening. Don’t say that GREAT friends ‘Listen!’ Don’t TALK. (Seriously.) Actually practice the skill, the wonderful and unique skill, of listening!

2. Be THOUGHTFUL – Not just a great gift, but a wonderful, caring sentiment. It’s doing research to help her find a solution. It’s introducing her to friends who might help her in her job search or in reaching a goal.

3. Be KIND – It seems so simple and easy – but it’s not. Kindness is remembering her birthday, asking about her day, helping her dig a garden. Kindness is knowing when to call, when to talk and when to listen.

4. Be PATIENT – The Bible best online pharmacy to buy viagra says: ‘Love is patient and kind.’ Friendship is too. This is a tough one for the ADHD life so many of us lead. But, isn’t it worth it – to give a girlfriend grace, some time and the love and support she deserves?! YES. Patience is wonderful virtue that too many of us (me included) struggle with. Let’s be the patient and kind friend who makes her life better.

5. Be the kind of FRIEND You’d love to have – When you need to talk, desperately want caring advice, when you feel alone or sad … who do you call? Not the friend who is there for you when it’s convenient or easy. Not the ‘friend’ who turns her back on you when she has better offers. Be the friend who is there for her BFF. Be the friend who makes you feel special, loved, safe and cared for. Be that friend.

We make decisions every day on the friendship path we choose to take. We get to be the friend we choose to be.

Be the best you, and the best friend you can be. Life is short. Make your friends feel as special as their friendship is to you.

Love ya girlfriends 🙂