Girlfriend Guru public relations fashion fitness friendship luxury entertainingA sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles. – Mignon McLaughlin

There are some days when everything seems to flow easily. There are other days when the sound of the stapler can be enough to send us over the edge. Sometimes we experience both on the same day!

It can be awfully difficult to pull back from wanting to scream at someone just for breathing or from wanting to break a stapler just because it’s doing it’s job. Girlfriend Guru DONINA IFURUNG reminds us that humor is a great way to diffuse tension, regain perspective, and make it through the moment.

For those of who don’t know, April is National Humor Month.

To commemorate National Humor Month, I won’t play an April Fool’s joke, but I will tell you that keeping a good sense of humor does your mind, your heart, and your business good.

Owning a business, heck, life is not a cake-walk. There is hard work from the start, and even when business begins to thrive and make some money, an entrepreneur must continue to nurture her baby and keep her growing, vibrant, and pressing forward.

Until you hit a rut or a stall or a snag.

I don’t believe that any business, big or small, has ever enjoyed smooth sailing from the get-go. Even with the most brilliant of business and marketing plans, at some point a company may hit a place of frustration. Whether it is getting the first customers through the door, attracting new clients, rolling out a new product, or hitting a new revenue level, stress levels can elevate.

Keeping a sense of humor is key to coping with being stuck or having a setback.

Keep in mind the benefits of humor (or laughter):

1. Realize that no set-back or stall is forever. Like tires stuck in mud, it seems like you won’t ever get unstuck. Perhaps you had a grand opening that turned out only your parents and your gardener. No reason to close shop and quit! Be a trooper and post the paltry turn-out on Facebook as a lesson in “how not to have a grand opening.” Poke fun at yourself. When you don’t take yourself too seriously, people (and customers) will be drawn to you.

2. Being an entrepreneur may require thick skin – but allow for a few ticklish moments. When the going gets tough, it is important to be able to bounce back and regroup. Allow yourself some levity by stepping back and having some fun. Enjoy a day at Disneyland, go bowling, or have a girls’ night out. Infusing some moments of delight and pleasure will help diffuse anxiety and stress, and will give you some clarity in order to refocus and get back to business.

3. Laugh at your mistakes and foibles now. Learn to laugh at some unforeseen mistakes. I’m not suggesting that you

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dismiss and laugh off errors that have significant financial or legal repercussions. But some things may not be in your control. So if it is your first big event as an event planner, and you run out of the good wine, don’t turn on yourself or your staff. Fix the problem and move on. This will likely be a big lesson in better planning, and may become a humorous anecdote at the next team meeting. It is far better to laugh at a situation than to make a big scene that nobody will likely forget.

4. Humor always diffuses a tense situation. Comic relief in the midst of an embarrassing situation can offset any damage. I once had to address a group of college students regarding finding their passion. Because I thought I could “wing” it, in the middle of my ten-minute talk (yes, it was that short), I blanked out. And they all stared at me, and kept staring. After what seemed like an eternity, I said something like, “Wow, I should have taken my Gingko Biloba this morning,” which elicited some laughter, and totally eased the embarrassing moment. Laughter reminds us that we are only human.

5. Do something zany to get your sense of humor back! Maybe some of you are feeling too serious or don’t have a humor bone left. I suggest that you need to recapture your youth and do something silly – just to be silly! National Humor Month is not just relegated for April. Go to a carnival and ride the bumper cars. Do a cartwheel on your front lawn. Rally your adult friends and have a rousing game of tag. Just because you are an adult and/or a business owner does not mean you should always be serious. Fun has no age or status limits.

When business or life gets you down, gird yourself with a great sense of humor. It will keep your blood pressure from elevating, and help you regain your sense of purpose and mission in whatever you are facing.

So when you experience inevitable moments of unpleasantness, unleash your sense of humor, and let levity and laughter do their thing.

Girlfriendology a sense of humorDONINA IFURUNG is the founder and owner of On High Heels, a boutique P.R. and Media Relations company catering to women entrepreneurs in beauty, fashion and luxury lifestyles. A self-described bookworm and scribe, she is like Cupid – creating a love connection between people and the media by writing snazzy pitches that turns heads. Though into fitness, Donina loves chocolate, wine, and (gasp!) shoes. She’s nuts for her adorable nephews and wants two boxer dogs.

What makes you laugh, girlfriend?

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