Friendship 5 years of Girlfriendology

“The more you praise & celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”


We’re all about ‘Inspiration, Appreciation and Celebration of Female Friendship’ (AKA: girlfriends!) but this week we’re celebrating CELEBRATING! Any why not? (We’re thinking Oprah agrees!)

Aren’t female friends worth celebrating? Deserving of parties and presents? Our favorite friends whom we love to surprise, spoil and make feel special?

Why? Well, frankly because we all enjoy celebrating and we’ve got some things to celebrate …

  • Girlfriendology turns five years old this Thursday! Yes, five years ago we decided to start a blog called Girlfriendology and dedicate it to our girlfriends who make our lives better just by being in it. It actually was somewhat of a ‘love letter’ to my friends after seeing a couple girlfriends battle cancer and feeling so lost (and needing my girlfriends) as far as what to do. In fact, here’s our first blog post. (One very sad note, my girlfriend ‘Dane commented on that first blog post. She was one of my friends with cancer and lost her battle with it just last year. Reminds me why we need girlfriends and even a site like Girlfriendology to remind us to appreciate the amazing women we call ‘girlfriends.’)
  • Stop by Girlfriendology later this week for prizes and stories in celebration of our fifth blog birthday (or anniversary?!). We couldn’t have made it without the inspiration and support of our girlfriends! (A few fabulous friends who have supported us: Kris Radish – our first podcast and video guest and best-selling author, Jill MacKay – dear BFF and personal cheerleader!; Molly, Kelly and Caitlin from Cooking with Caitlin – who share ideas and information constantly to help me/Girlfriendology; Judi, Sue, Julie, Barb, Anne, Ellen, Joanne and too many more to name – THANKS to all you amazing women! You inspire me on a daily basis!)
  • Our First Webinar – We’re just sure that if we shared women’s knowledge, we’d all live better, happier, more friend-filled lives – would that be a wonderful world?! We’re starting that this week (actually TONIGHT!) as we talk with JULIE BAUKE, a wonderful friend with amazing knowledge and insight to help women in their careers. (It’s not too late to join, you can listen to the first recording and pick right back up with us the next two Monday nights!)
  • Our 100th BlogTalkRadio Show is coming up! Wild to believe we’ve done 100 podcasts and now 100 BlogTalkRadio shows – which means we’ve interviewed 200 wonderful, inspiring women! From NYT Best-selling author SUSAN MALLERY, to our ‘women’s sexual health’ expert TISA POWELL, we’ve gathered all types of girlfriend advice, stories, inspiration and more. (See below for this week’s special guest!)
  • friendship girlfriends on cruise NYC janet devitoOur First Girlfriend Cruise is coming! We just got word this week that we got an even sweeter cruise deal with our girlfriend JANET DEVITO, aka: JOIN US! We’re going with a couple hundred of our closest friends to BERMUDA this Summer. Don’t miss it! And don’t miss Janet on this week’s BlogTalkRadio show as she tells us all the cool things we’ll do on the cruise, the places we’ll visit and things we’ll do!
  • Also coming: eBooks – filled with women’s wisdom, more Facebook fun updates to share with your friends an hopefully years more of sharing girlfriend inspiration, appreciation and celebration!

Thanks for supporting us with your friendship, ideas, links and more. Thanks for recommending us to your girlfriends on Twitter and Facebook. And thanks for being a friend!