Girlfriendology a hug is worth, friendship quote“A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more.”


Free Hugs in Sydney, August 2004

How many hugs have you had today?

My mother once read (I believe in a Leo Buscaglia book) that the minimum daily requirement is seven hugs per day. Her joke was to hug us and squeeze us seven times, counting her squeezes loudly as hugs. There. We met our daily requirement in less than a minute!

Many years later I joined an organization for designers in the craft/hobby industry – a wonderful, creative group of almost all women. I loved going to those conferences and tradeshows. I received a year’s worth of hugs in one day. Heck, we’d even hug people we’d never ever met. It was a hug-fest and a wonderful way to connect with women. I have so many special, loved girlfriends from that group and I miss seeing them and getting those heart-felt hugs.

So, when I found this video, I knew I had to share it with you. How could we all make a difference if we just gave out hugs to girlfriends, guy friends, family, new friends or even strangers? It inspires me to make that step forward with friends and give a hearty hug. And, like we discussed with Jody England on our latest BlogTalkRadio show, to be ‘in the moment.’ When you hug – be present. Share some good vibes, think about the person you’re hugging and how blessed you are to be hugged back. Some people rarely get hugs and we shouldn’t take them for granted.


p.s. I just sent out a note to all the wonderful women in our Facebook group to tell them about the BlogTalkRadio show. I stopped at the end of the note to think about how to sign it. It’s definitely not a “Sincerely, Debba” and “Have a great day!” seemed a little too sales-ish. How do I sign off my emails for my girlfriends? How do I leave them with the sentiment that is most meaningful and appropriate? As I often do with my close girlfriends, I signed the letter with “Hugs, Debba.” Because as girlfriends, – whether close personal friends or Internet contacts, these friendships are real and valued. And, I think that ‘virtual hugs,’ even if not so loving as a real in-person hug, are worthy of giving and receiving. So, girlfriend – consider yourself hugged! And go hug some of your friends either in person or virtually. Go for those seven PLUS hugs per day. That’s what girlfriends do!

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