Movie quote alfred hitchcockThe length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.
― Alfred Hitchcock

There is something really fun about going to the movies. But there is also something wonderful about staying at home with some friends, snacks, summer cocktails, and no deadline for when to start the movie.

Girlfriend ADRIENNE ERIN shares some great ideas for themed movie nights. Ready for a great girls’ night in? What are your suggestions for a successful movie night?

Getting together with your girlfriends to go see a movie is so old school. Not only do you sit in theatre chairs with chewed gum on the bottom, get popcorn thrown at your head, and hear candy bouncing off the floor throughout the movie, you can’t interact with the friends you went there with in the first place without getting shhhed!

That doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend a Friday night. But do you know what does? Throwing a themed movie night! Okay – so you’re not creative enough to come up with any themes? That’s what I’m here for!


When we were growing up, there was nothing we wanted to be more than a bride! Marriage is the induction of grown life for many young girls, and now that you are old enough to do basic math, you can throw a themed movie night!

Here’s how it works. One of the girlfriends is the bride. You can decide by flipping a coin, or maybe someone is getting married soon and this would be a good run through. Then we have the bridesmaids. It’s best not to come dressed in your prom gowns yet, but to bring them to the house where the movie is occurring. Getting dressed up with friends is some of the most fun!

So when everyone arrives to the house, put in your copy of Bridesmaids (because I’m sure everyone has one… right?) and get ready for a fun night! See who can do the best Bridesmaids Toast impression, and don’t forget to reenact the BIG COOKIE scene.

Horror Movies

Nothing is more fun than having a good scream with your girlfriends. Skip the amusement park thrills and join in on a good scare when you pop in a movie like Halloween or even Paranormal Activity.

Before your friends arrive, decorate the house with Halloween decorations left over from last year. Dim the lights, put on one of your costumes, and get ready to scare your friends before the movie even starts! Once the flick is popped in, microwave some popcorn, splatter some red food coloring all over the floor (let’s just worry about stains later) and get started!!

No Boys Allowed

Boys are great, but why would you even think of inviting them to your movie night?! Not only do they ruin movies by making fun of the sappy love scenes, they just don’t always understand us. Skip the testosterone and invite the girls over for a cryfest.

A popular choice for this night includes the classic Notebook, or really any other Nicholas Sparks based movie. My suggestion is to theme this as summery as possible. Get out the picnic supplies and have a picnic for dinner. Bring in the potted plants that you’ve been watering and put on your summer dress. Put some pillows and tissues nearby because everyone is bound to be in tears by the end.

Whatever you end up choosing, if you are with your girlfriends you are bound to have a great time! If the movie falls through and you end up gossiping about the new cutie at work, that’s okay too! I mean – I would do the same thing.

ADRIENNE ERIN is a writer who adores throwing elaborate movie nights with her girlfriends, from French film fest nights to rehab themed movies, and she hopes that you will follow in her footsteps! Follow her on Twitter to see more of her recent work.

What movie(s) do you love to watch with your girlfriends? What do you do for a girlfriend movie night? What’s your favorite Chick Flick?

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