Spirituality Girlfriend Guru“My friends are my estate.”—Emily Dickinson

The best of friends are the friends who read our minds, right girlfriend? The ones who remember the important stuff and remind us when we lose perspective. The one ones who somehow know just when to call or send a text to make us smile. The ones who listen when we’re having a tough day, but then help us move to a better place.

Girlfriend Guru LISA SARICK reminds us about the importance of being there for our BFFs—for when they need yell and scream and exaggerate, and for when they need to heal and find a way to move forward.

I know we want to call a girlfriend up when times get tough, when we’re having a meltdown, when our husbands are driving us crazy – at least, I do!

And when we are the receiver of that call we want to empathize and say, “Oh, I know, that sucks.” And “I understand completely. I can relate.” At least, I do.

And part of me wants that when I am the one reaching out. I want the validation, the sense of being heard and understood.

BUT… how helpful is that really? Does my well-intentioned friend validating my feelings only perpetuate my story—prolonging my suffering and helping me to set my miserable fate in stone? Sometimes, yes.

Girlfriendology my friends are my estate, friendship quoteI am aware of another part of me that wants…

to be happy

to let go of my story

to not perceive myself as a victim

to find a more loving perspective

to forgive

to laugh at myself

to own my power to create joy

and to choose love

I am fortunate to have girlfriends that I can call and say, “Ok, I want you to give me one minute to bitch about this and then stop me.” And they will. Then they will ask me what I am learning, or what do I need to do for myself, or they will just make me laugh at the workings of my mind.

I know we need to see and accept reality. The situation may be serious and a reality check may be in order for a girlfriend when they call (i.e., “That sounds serious, go to the doctor!” or “Leave him, and get somewhere safe.”) And then, as women, let’s empower one another.

Let’s see the strength and potential in one another… and call that forth, perpetuate that, and set THAT in stone.

LISA SARICK (A.K.A. Rev. Lisa) is an Interfaith Minister, Yoga Instructor, and Spiritual Guide. She guides people seeking peace to go beyond the limits of their minds to the freedom of their spirit. She holds 1-on-1 sessions, officiates ceremonies, and founded Moon Circle, an online gathering for women friends. Her home on the web is LisaSarick.com.

How do you help your girlfriends move forward when they call?

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