How to Help a Girlfriend go After Her DreamsHow to Help a Girlfriend go After Her Dreams

It echoes in your head, “Reach for that stars, and follow your dreams!” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone standing in the wings of your life’s stage cheering you on and turning that elusive “wind beneath your wings” song into a reality? If your own desires in life aren’t taking off, live vicariously through the dreams of your friend. If you’ve already arrived to see all of your big ambitions fulfilled, hitch a cloud and help a girlfriend go after her dreams.

You see it in her. There is a true passion that begs to burst out, but something is not allowing her to go after her big dreams. Maybe her passion is to launch her own business, she knows how to tell a great story and wants to publish her own book, or maybe she has incredible photography skills. Whatever her goals are, they will be easier met with the help of a good friend. Grab a hold of these helpful secrets that successful women already know to help her attain her dreams.

Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. Misty Copeland

Get a pretty journal, and start jotting down ideas. Write down your desires and then create an outline or flow chart to be your road map to success.

Take practical steps to get it done. If her dream is to dance and sing on Broadway, but she’s never been on stage or taken a dance class, it’s time to start from the beginning. Get experience and build a resume’ to fulfill her dreams. Identify the tools around you that you already have at your fingertips and put them to good use.

Do what you love. The first step is realizing what her dream is. If she already knows, you are on the path to fulfilling her dreams. If she doesn’t have a dream, now is the time to help her set goals to end in success. You are her friend who knows her best. Be a mirror for her to reflect back the talents you see in her. Acknowledge the truth of her ambitions and bring them to fruition.

Find the courage to take a risk. Like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, she probably already has all of the courage she needs to go for her dreams, but she may not have the confidence to realize the courage she possesses. It’s your job as her friend to bring best place to buy sildenafil citrate online this out in her. Encourage her. Literally, instill courage in her by pushing her beyond any fear or doubt.

Don’t let fear and doubt take hold. The next biggest obstacle to overcome is to strike down fear and doubt before they take hold and shatter all potential dreams.

There will always be skeptics, but that doesn’t mean they have to direct your path. Silence the skeptics. Never take what a naysayer says to heart.

Step out and do it. Literally take the first step toward her dreams. This doesn’t mean abandoning her to set her free. Sometimes, she may need you to take the first step with her. If this involves raising funds, set up a crowdfunding campaign for your friend. She may just need a cheerleader to encourage and support her – be THAT friend!

Help her pursue her dreams and have no regrets.

Don’t worry about the future. Live in the moment, not looking back and not worrying about what the future holds. Instead, focus on what you need to reach your goals.

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