Girlfriendology - the online community for women based on female friendshipCongrats Girlfriendology!

Today marks three years since you started out as a little blog with no defined path or goals, just an online way of expressing appreciating, inspiring others and celebrating girlfriends. The past 1095 days you’ve grown to podcasts, videos, shopping and reaching out to thousands of women on a daily basis in an effort to promote and encourage girlfriendship.You have grown into the online community for women based on female friendship and, as reported by so many fans, you are growing and strengthening female friendships.

The perfect day ... meeting a girlfriend for coffee!In doing a little research (self-questioning on why female friendship is so important that a site and online community should be dedicated to it), I found “The Tending Instinct.” Written by researcher/scientist, Shelley E. Taylor, this book shares the biological facts behind friendship and the differences between men and women, especially regarding friendship. It’s a wonderful, fascinating book with documented proof on the importance and need for close community between female friends. Girlfriends actually make us healthier, happier, less stressed, live longer and even feel more beautiful. I’d say that’s better than any ‘magic pill’ or self-help book, just hang out with your girlfriends!

It’s been an awesome journey. For the first two years, Girlfriendology was a late night/early morning/weekend job. (I was working on Girlfriendology when the earthquake hit the midwest – at around 5am!) In between work and life, I was constantly encouraged by my friends. I’ve met amazing, inspiring women on the 90+ podcasts and the months of contests. I eventually quit my job and am following my passion to build Girlfriendology into the community it deserves based on the friendships that inspire it/me.

My background in marketing and technology is nothing compared to what I’ve learned through hands-on development and growth of this blog-turned-online-community. I’ve learned a lot but mostly that there’s so much more to learn. It’s more exciting than any job I’ve had and more rewarding than any paycheck to read stories from women who share their girlfriend love and appreciation with Girlfriendology.

So, girlfriends, this site and all my efforts are dedicated to you. You inspired me to start this and you encourage me on a daily basis to keep blogging, sharing and inspiring. You humble me with your thoughtfulness, your support and ideas and you make me so thankful for this road that you set me on three years ago. Love you girlfriends!

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