Smiling friends quote“Have you ever thought of someone and then realized you were smiling the whole time?”      Anonymous

We’re taking a journey on HAPPINESS this year and we invite you to get HAPPY with us! This week …

Here’s a quick measure of your happiness: if you smile (or laugh out loud) when no one is around, you really mean it. I really believe that genuine happiness may result from external elements but the inclination toward real happiness comes from inside you, and often it comes without warning. Sometimes in public.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve kept a greeting card file. What usually happens is that I’ll be in the grocery or drug store looking for a card for and event for a particular someone, and in my search I come across a bunch of other cards that are absolutely perfect for someone else. More often than not, my thoughts of those people make me smile and if the card is just right, I’ll be the woman in the card aisle laughing out loud. I usually end up checking out with a half dozen cards that go into the file for the future.

Other things that make me smile when no one is around …

Take time to be happy… Looking through photo albums or through photo files on my computer, there is no shortage of images that bring back very good memories and that is a sure trigger to bring a smile to my face.

… Once in a while, I’ll even pull out my high school or college year book (yes, I keep them handy) to bring back memories of girlfriends I’ve known, times that can never be replicated and that thing call youth. Yep, makes me smile. And will often trigger a phone call or an e-mail to a girlfriend I haven’t thought of in a while.

So being happy with yourself isn’t always about chasing after happiness, it’s in discovering things – little things – you can do to help you bring out the happiness inside you.

Today, take a little personal time to be happy. On purpose. Expose yourself to the simple things that make you smile when no one is around.

Better yet, go ahead and laugh out loud.

Who makes you happy Girlfriend? Why not call her up and tell her how much happiness she brings to your life? #BeaBetterFriend

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