new year,dreams,goals,girlfriendsAnother New Year, and still time for small dreams to come true. (unknown)

One of the seriously awesome thing about true friends is how they support you and your dreams. (Can I hear an ‘Amen!’?!) Those girlfriends who always see the beauty in you, believe in you, want the best for you – they’re worth their weight in homemade toffee.

As we get ready for the New Year, now is that special time of year to define our goals for the coming year.

We’re not talking New Year’s Resolutions, those are good for helping us work on habits – like exercising more, reading more, and spending more time with our girlfriends. But we’re talking BIG (Hairy Audacious) Goals. The kind of goals that you’re almost afraid to dream. The challenge to do something, as Oprah says in her new Weight Watchers ads: ‘If not now, when?’

So here’s our Girlfriend Advice on setting goals for the coming new year:

  1. DREAM BIG – I don’t want to live a so-so life, and I don’t want my friends to either. We get one life and I want to live it (and want you to live it) BIG. When you’re awake at night and think about your dreams, what idea/business/challenge do you wish you could see happen? Run a marathon? Quit your job? Write a book? What’s your BIG DREAM? Let’s figure out how to make it happen – this year!
  2. SET SMART GOALS – There’s a SMART system to setting goals. Follow these guidelines: SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. Here are some examples:
    1. Specific: I want to write the outline and first three chapters of my book by March 1. (Exactly WHAT you’re going to do and by WHEN.)
    2. Measurable: Earn 20% more on your blog than you did last year. Gives you something to track the numbers!
    3. Attainable: Lose 10 pounds in two months. That’s attainable on a diet. (Losing 10 pounds in a week probably is not!)
    4. Realistic: Setting a goal of getting paid $10,000 as a professional speaker, and never have spoken in public before just may not be realistic. In that case, maybe make a goal of joining a Toastmaster’s group and getting a speaking gig to move toward your professional speaking career.
    5. Time-Bound: This may be the most important aspect of setting goals – having a deadline. To run a marathon by Labor Day, or start your Etsy story by March 1, or sign up for Spanish classes before your trip this summer. Give your goal a completion date and track your progress in making it happen.
  3. SHARE WITH A FRIEND – But not just any friend. Dreams are very fragile and require special handling. BIG dreams are best to be shared with a girlfriend who believes in you even more than you believe in yourself. Ask her to help you stay on track and on schedule. Give her permission to keep you accountable. If she’s comfortable sharing too, ask her what her BIG dreams are for the coming new year and help her reach those goals.

Like LL Cool J says Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.

Let’s make this THE YEAR that we go after our Dreams. What are yours? Who are you going to share them with? Remember … if not now, when?! GO FOR IT!

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