Girlfriends pursuing their dream, iron girl raceThe best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

(Go for your dreams girlfriends!)

Paul Valery

As girlfriends we are here to support each other in pursuing our dreams and to be a better friend.

What do your girlfriends dream of doing and how can you cheer them on? Have you called lately to check in on a friend and her wishes? (Like the wishes in the Twenty Wishes book in our June Girlfriendology Contest and recent podcast with author Debbie Macomber!)

What have you done lately to go after your dreams? Shared your goals with a girlfriend?

Forsake your inhibitions and pursue your dreams! And, encourage, support and celebrate your girlfriend’s going after their dreams as well. (Like my girlfriends Amy and Pam running in an Iron Girl race!) Reaching for your dreams together can change your whole life! Dream BIG girlfriends! And be a better friend – help your girlfriend reach for her BIG dreams too!Girlfriendology the best way, friendship quote

p.s. And don’t forget to check out my designer superstar girlfriend JILL MACKAY and her wonderful jewelry! And listen in to the podcast where Jill interviewed me and I turned it around and did a little interviewing as well!

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