Tiffany Huff girlfriend advice on recipe for success“My girlfriend makes me feel more confident.” Sophia Grace

That’s what a cute, sassy eight-year old told Ellen Degeneres about why she loves to dance, sing and be silly with her BFF/cousin Rosie. (Check out this friendship video – it’s so cute!)

Little does Sophia Grace know, but she’s wise beyond her years. This guest post by Girlfriend TIFFANY HUFF agrees and takes it a step further – to how our girlfriends help us reach our goals. Our friends want us to be happy and live our best life, right? Check out Tiffany’s version of this with three reasons why girlfriends are the perfect RECIPE FOR SUCCESS:

I LOVE my girlfriends! I LOVE THEM! I love them because they make me laugh until I cry, because they know how to have a good time, and because they are there for me whenever I need them. Until recently though, I had forgotten one of the BEST things about my girlfriends, and that is that they are supportive! As I continue on my journey to be the best that I can be in this ever precious life, I sometimes discount my girlfriends willingness to support my new endeavors, or changes that I want to make because their goals and ambitions are not always the same as mine. Not sure what I was thinking, but girlfriends will never cease to amaze you! They will pick up their pom-poms and be there to cheer you on every step of the way, and might possibly suit up for battle alongside you! Here are 3 reasons why girlfriends and goals are the perfect recipe for success:

  1. It’s the perfect excuse for ‘Ladies Night In’: Girlfriends love to get together, let their hair down and catch up. What better reason to get together then to set and check in on the status of goals that you have set? Everybody doesn’t have to be working on the same thing, but we are all working on something. Plan a ladies night themed ‘Girlfriends and Goals’ and invite everyone to share their favorite pot luck dish, and a goal they are committed to reaching in the next six months. Then plan check in’s throughout the six months to cheer each other on, offer encouragement or alternative courses of actions for those who might be struggling.
  2. Your girlfriends want to see you succeed: When we know that someone believes in us and genuinely wants to see us be successful, we are more willing to share our hopes, dreams and passions with them. Who better than your girlfriends? They can you buy sertraline over the counter know us well, and often can remind us of things about ourselves that might hinder our success, so that we can combat hurdles head on! Even more, because they are so vested in seeing us succeed, they might decide to take the steps to achieve the same goal to support you through your success.
  3. Our girlfriends know how to party!: Of course once you have achieved your goal, celebration is in order. If you were going to throw or plan a party your girlfriends would be right there with you acting as the planning, decorating, and welcoming committee right? Imagine how much more meaningful the celebration would be if your girlfriends were right there with you every step of the way to your achievement because you allowed them to join you on your journey!

Setting goals with Girlfriends, be a better friendAs the end of the year draws near, and you consider finishing strong with your end of year goals, invite your girlfriends over for a pow-wow about their end of year goals. Pose a challenge to support one another, and hold each other accountable so that you can have the best celebratory party you’ve ever had.

TIFFANY HUFF is the founder of E.M.P.O.W.E.R., a writer, speaker, coach, and the woman ‘behind the scenes’ at Scenes From a Single Mom, a personal development, lifestyle, and healthy living blog. She enjoys running, writing, cooking, being The BOSS (if you ask her girlfriends) and is passionate about empowering women to be their best. You can connect on Twitter @Singlemomscenes or on Facebook.

Why do you LOVE your friends? Who blesses your life with her friendship?

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