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For women, girlfriends are gifts. Their friendship makes us healthier, happier, less stressed, feel more beautiful and even live longer. Their laughter, compassion, companionship and acceptance bless our lives in ways that we can never repay. These friends accept who we are, as we are – regardless of our shopping budgets and skills at selecting the most memorable gifts.

Girlfriendology, the online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship, understands the level of girlfriend gratitude that gifts represent.  So, we’ve identified 10 gift ideas to give your girlfriends to celebrate the season and their great friendship:

1.    Make it memorable and personal. The same gift you give your mother is probably not personalized to reflect your girlfriend’s sense of style. Get creative – it could be a scrapbook you make with photos of the two of you, a pillow with a favorite quote on it, a custom CD with her favorite songs, or even make a coupon to get a tattoo (real or fake) together (now that would be memorable!). Create a personalized calendar or order a monogrammed scarf for her. Choose a special, memorable, way to show her how much her friendship means to you.

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2.    Handmade from your heart. Homemade gifts always are appreciated – especially because you spent your time and creative talents on a special gift for her.  Easy ideas could be beaded earrings or a necklace, an embellished frame with a photo of the two of you, a scarf that you knitted just for her, a dinner you prepare and deliver, or her favorite treat.

3.    What’s her passion? Does she have a hobby that she loves? Support her hobby with a basket of items based on her favorite pastime. If she loves to garden, give her gardening clogs and a book on perennials. For crafty girlfriends, purchase materials or tools and a craft magazine or subscription for inspiration. Find out about classes on her hobby and perhaps attend one of them with her. Give her the gift of spending your time doing what she loves. She’ll love that – and you!

4.    Donate to her favorite cause. Has she requested no gifts or there doesn’t seem to be anything that she needs or wants? Give the gift of supporting a non-profit that is near and dear to her heart. If she’s an animal lover, donate to the humane society or a local pet rescue. Does she have a heart for people in other countries? Explore Heifer International or Kiva. Find a women’s shelter, a kid’s program or breast cancer support group – whatever cause she’s passionate about. (Or Girlfriendology’s non-profit of choice – The Girlfriend Factor.) Donate in her name.

5.    Go on an adventure together! Do you talk about traveling together but never seem to do it? Get going! Give her a gift certificate for a girl’s weekend. Find a fun event to attend in a nearby city and make plans. Find a B&B with a girl’s getaway special. Book a last-minute trip on the internet. Wrap up the certificate with a map to the destination or a gift for the trip like sunglasses for a beach vacation or a tour book for the destination.

6.    Make her life easier. Make a coupon book of ways you can assist her. Offer to help her solve a problem – like a certificate to help her organize her closet or wallpaper a room. Provide coupons good for babysitting her kids. Give the gift of time and assistance, and you’ll get back the opportunity to do something together that will be memorable and will help your friend.

7.    We all need a little pampering, right? All of us are busy and never take enough time for ourselves – so give your girlfriend the gift of pampering. It could be a basket with girlie-girl items like shampoo, lotion, and soaps, a gift certificate for a manicure or massage, or comfy robe and slippers. Just make it something that will make her feel special, like her friendship is to you.

8.    Spending time together is often the best gift. Get tickets to a concert or sign up you and your girlfriend for a yoga, knitting or cooking class together. Give her home-made gift certificates for walks together or shopping days. Make it official that you’re going to spend more time together in the coming year!

9.    Theme and a basket – perfect! Does she love a sport/team, have a passion for the gym, want to write a book or travel to Paris? Create a gift basket around the theme. Create a memorable, customized collection of items she’ll find memorable and useful.

Red Envelope gifts for girlfriends

10.  Listen for hints! Throughout the year, pay attention to things she says and notice things she needs or wants. Notice how she responds to other gifts and what type gifts she gives. Shop for gifts throughout the year and stash away the perfect present when you find it.

Thoughtful, personalized gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive or take a lot of time to create, but the message says it loud and clear – that she is a great girlfriend and deserves a great girlfriend gift!

And, since you’re going for a memorable, thoughtful gift, don’t forget to wrap it in a special way too! Decorate with small items from along the same theme as the gift or with unusual wrapping paper like a map or scrapbooking materials. Just make it special – like your girlfriend is to you!

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