FRIENDSHIP July Girlfriendology Book ClubJoin the women’s online book club with fun female friends, great discussions and that doesn’t require you to clean your house or bring an appetizer!

There’s something amazing that happens when women share their thoughts, ideas, challenges and lives. We connect, learn and de-stress. And, in the case of a book club, we also learn about the book and how other women view the topic – which, in this case, is pretty close-to-home for most women.

TONIGHT – Monday, July 26th, 7-8pm ET, we’re chatting online with women (aka: YOU?!) regarding the book: Women Food and God, by Geneen Roth – Right HERE on this page! (Just refresh to update discussion.)

And, since we believe in a ‘no stress book club,’ come join us even if you haven’t read the book yet because we all can discuss our relationships with our friends and food. (Good, bad or indifferent – all women have a relationship with food! It’s actually part of our DNA.)

So, bring yourself and whatever food, drinks or neither to this page tonight and join in on the fabulous, fun, female-friendly online book club conversation! See you here tonight!