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Coming up: Inspiring Girlfriendology Contest Winners!

It seems like Halloween was just coming up and all of a sudden it’s Thanksgiving. Where DOES the time go?

Every month we request your girlfriend stories to inspire all of us to spend more time with and to appreciate our girlfriends. You never let us down and constantly amuse and inspire us. Each month the top five girlfriend stories win a $10 Starbucks gift card to take you and your girlfriend out for coffee on Girlfriendology. The top winner also receives a Girlfriendology Journal. Which, by the way, is the perfect place to journal or even scrapbook your girlfriend adventures, gratitude and thoughts.

On this “special edition” Girlfriendology podcast, we’re going to be reviewing the winning entries from the Girlfriendology October contest. Fall is “especially special”  –  so we asked you to share some of your best girlfriend autumn memories of the past – that includes Halloween tales – and to share how you celebrate Halloween with your gal pals.

We got some great responses – so lets get started.


Here in November, we’re focusing on being thankful for our girlfriends. Looking forward to Thanksgiving, we’d love to hear your stories on why you’re thankful for your girlfriends – friends from your childhood, school, work, neighbors, women you’ve met through other friends – the female friends have made a difference in your life.  And, in December, we’d love to share your stories on special gifts that you’ve given or received from your best friends. Or just tell us why their friendship is a gift to you.

Share your stories by e-mailing them to contest (at) girlfriendology (dot) com, or call 206-202-9005 and share your story via voicemail. Remember to include your contact information on the call.

November is all about Thanksgiving – a great time of year to show your girlfriend gratitude. Share your personal stories about how you do that with Girlfriendology and we’ll all inspire more women!

And just as a general shout out to all you listening – we love to share your girlfriend ideas, inspiration and info on Girlfriendology. There’s something you know that we don’t! Whatever it is, share it through info (at) girlfriendology (dot) com

So girlfriends, that’s a wrap for this how to buy xanax on the internet Girlfriendology podcast. Thanks to all of you who participated in the October contest – we loved all the stories you shared.

For more girlfriend inspiration, check out our archive of podcasts featuring interviews with a diverse group of amazing, inspiring, high-energy women.

And make it a point to stop by on a regular basis for more inspiration, appreciation and celebration of girlfriends.

Thanks once again to all who participated in the October contest, and once more, congratulations to the winners – Becky, Barb, Lynne, Cheryl and Vickie!

And with that, the holidays are upon us.

Next time on the Girlfriendology podcast…well, if you’ve listened in for any length of time you’ll know that I firmly believe that life begins and ends with girlfriends.

DR. JUDITH VAN GINKEL was way ahead of me on that one, and latched onto that thought as the title for her very popular book – you guessed it – Life Begins and Ends With Girlfriends.

Dr. Van Ginkel is presently professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and president of Every Child Succeeds. Covering her list of life’s accomplishments could take an entire podacast, so we’re going to focus on her book and her perspectives on the power of girlfriends.

This is a not-to-be-missed Girlfriendology podcast – so tune in!

There’s still time to share your appreciation for friends in our November contest. There are great prizes to be had, so send in your great girlfriend stories to contest (at) girlfriendology (dot) com or call 206-202-9005 and leave your story via voicemail. Make sure and include your contact information. Also, we’re looking for women to share your stories in the Girlfriend picture project.

That’s all for this Girlfriendology get together. Thanks again to ALL of you who shared your autumn and Halloween stories. I love hearing how “girlfriends happen.”

This is Debba, for, the on-line community for women – reminding you all to keep inspiring, appreciating, and celebrating your friends. And don’t be shy, share your girlfriend stories. That’s what girlfriends do. Thanks girlfriends!

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