Feeling that holiday stress? Wish you had some secrets to help you through it? … Could we interest you in some great girlfriend advice on the holidays – for FREE?!

Friendship-Girlfriendology-Guide-to-Holiday-Girlfriend-Advice free ebookThe hectic holidays are here and it’s a time where some girlfriend advice just might help ease the pressure and lower the stress that comes with too much to do and too many expectations. Luckily … we have our girlfriends!

We’re thrilled to share the ‘Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend Advice‘ – 80 pages filled with the amazing advice that only girlfriends can share – including ideas and advice for girlfriend get-togethers, holiday gifts, recipes, traditions and even frugal tips. Do you really want to get through the Holidays without your girlfriends? (NO!) Filled with great girlfriend advice, the Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend Advice FREE eBook is like having 20 friends help you get through the holidays with less stress and more smiles!

Download the FREE Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend Advice eBook

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • How to Host a Girlfriend Gratitude Party, By Shasta Nelson, GirlfriendCircles.com
  • The Faux Diet Queen Shares Holiday Ideas, By The Faux Diet Queen
  • The Perfect Gift & No Stress Included!, By Janet DeVito, GirlsOnACruise.com
  • Tips to getting the perfect gift … for you!, By Miss Kitty Plum, Plums Lingerie
  • Must-See Holiday Romances, By Susan Mallery, Bestselling Author
  • Happy Family, Happy Holidays!, By Patricia Sands, author “The Bridge Club”
  • Holiday Baking Tradition , By Andi, Udandi & LunchitPunchit Blogs
  • How Do You Keep Celebrating All Year Long?, By Michelle Cullum, A Renaissance Chick
  • Gusto-filled, guilt-free holidays at any size!, By Stephanie Rainbow Bell, PlusSizeInnerPeace.com
  • Finding Family Amongst Friends, By Robin Feltner, Supernatural Botanicals
  • Spend Time with your Friends at the Holidays (& all the Time!) , By Jacqueline Cromwell, The NerdFamilyBlog
  • Country Style Holiday Saving, By Sherry Martz, Citychiconafarm.com
  • Practical Tips for Surviving the Holidays Without a +1, By Michelle Maskaly, The Adirondack Chick
  • Seven Simple Tips for Stress-Less Gift Giving, By Sandy Fowler, Heart Filled Holidays
  • 10 ways to be less stressed and have more meaningful holidays, By Bernice Wood, Living the Balanced Life
  • Girlfriend Advice for Black Friday (& Holiday Shopping), By Melissa Garcia, ConsumerQueen.com
  • Choose to Enjoy the Holidays, By Jennifer Hall, Just Jennifer
  • Easy But Impressive Vegetarian Recipes for Your Holiday Parties, By Michelle Maskaly, The Adirondack Chick
  • The 5-Element System to Empowerment, De-Stressing, Productivity & Friendship During the Holidays, By Dianne DelReyes, TheAntiagingArtist.com
  • Things I Love to Cook & Eat ~ Pumpkin Spice Cookies and Muffins, By Rebecca E. Parsons
  • Happy Holiday Networking, By Julie Bauke, CareerCongruity.com
  • Six Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel, By Road Warriorette
  • BONUS 1: Frugal Girlfriend Advice for the Holidays
  • BONUS 2: Holiday Gift Tags, designed by Rebecca E. Parsons

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Download the FREE Girlfriendology Guide to Holiday Girlfriend Advice eBook