Making Connections is in the recipe for “A Woman’s World”

Girlfriendology creates over 450,000 impressions on women for Frito-Lay launch of new women’s campaign with Brooke Burke

Cincinnati OH, March 4, 2009 – Get a group of girlfriends together and there had better be snacks! Women are always looking for any kind of guilt-relief and Frito-Lay is has several healthy options just for them. In fact, they’re so committed to great products for women, they invited ten women bloggers, who have connections to countless women online, to Los Angeles on February 24th to attend the premiere of their new “A Woman’s World” animated webisodes. The campaign features four girlfriends and their adventures, as well as Frito-Lay’s healthy snacks for women. More information on the Frito-Lay campaign can be found on

Model, Mom and Dancing with the Stars Winner BROOKE BURKE with Girlfriendology founder DEBBA HAUPERT

Girlfriendology founder, Debba Haupert, was selected to travel California to tour the Frito-Lay production facilities, try their new healthy snacks and attend a red carpet event to launch the “A Woman’s World” campaign alongside Frito-Lay celebrity spokesperson Brooke Burke. Also joining the premiere event was Spice Girl Mel B.

Haupert had the opportunity to sit down with both Brooke Burke and Mel B to talk to each about the importance of girlfriends. Burke is the mother of four and commented how she really has to set aside time for herself and her girlfriends. Mel B echoed that opinion, commenting that the Spice Girls have remained friends for 15 years and that all women buy imitrex 25 mg online need three to four close girlfriends. (See for more information and videos.), the Cincinnati-based online community for women based on female friendship, was selected by Frito-Lay for two reasons: because women love to share with our girlfriends – like healthy, guilt-free snacks, and that Girlfriendology has a large community of women with whom to share. Women are influenced by social media online and Girlfriendology was able to create more than 450,000 impressions to women online in less than two weeks.

Just as women share great products with our girlfriends, Girlfriendology shared the message of the healthy Frito-Lay treats as well as generated awareness for the new “A Woman’s World” campaign which launched on Girlfriendology on February 28th, the day before the webisode debuted on national broadcast television.

Girlfriendology is the online community for women based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship. Founded by Debba Haupert in 2006, Girlfriendology inspires women to make new female acquaintances, spend time with their girlfriends, and appreciate those friendships that are vital to women’s health and happiness. features inspiring women in weekly podcasts and live BlogTalkRadio shows, contests to share girlfriend stories and provides videos, shopping, reviews, blogs, articles and more. Social media, like Twitter and Facebook, as well as online marketing efforts have grown the Girlfriendology community to inspire women all over the U.S. and world.


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Girlfriendology, the online community for women based on girlfriend inspiration, appreciation and celebration

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