Julie and Julia movie reviewWe’re still celebrating National Women’s Friendship Month here at Girlfriendology. What are YOU doing to celebrate your friends?

Here’s one idea for some time with your favorite female friends – especially if they’re ‘foodies.’ Go see this movie then go to lunch or dinner (you’ll be hungry!). Maybe even go to a French restaurant!

Having missed our book club’s review because I was out of town, I hit the EARLY (10:35am) matinee of “Julie & Julia.” (The EARLY matinee is only $5, while the normal matinee is $7.75 and the evening showings are $9.75, here in my mid-west hometown. Kinda makes hanging out or going for a walk with a friend a more feasible girlfriend get-together plan.)

I didn’t read the book (yet) but have heard it was excellent by several girlfriends. (If you’ve read it, please share a review below in the comments.) The book and movie differ quite a bit – the book by Julie Powell (cleverly played by Amy Adams), the author/blogger who decided to cook all the recipes in Julia Child‘s (a superb Meryl Streep) book – Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1. The movie combined Julie’s story with Julia’s – both discovering their passion and becoming their true selves.

It’s probably no surprise to you that I picked up on Julie and Julia’s female friendships.

Although the movie centered on her happy marriage (which was very cute with doting husband, Stanley Tucci), Julia had friendships with a variety of women in the movie. Her sister Dorothy (how can you not love actress Jane Lynch?) had a minimal part but showed a loving, supportive sister friendship. As hard as it was to not be charmed by Julia/Meryl, the cooking school administrator was completely untouched by her passion for cooking. However, Julia did find women who shared her commitment to her craft and co-authored the book with them. Together they created their own business together of teaching American women how to cook French food. Personally I love when women collaborate in reaching their dreams. The original order zoloft online cookbook authors could not have done the book without Julia, and she masterfully made their work even better.

Julie had positive and negative female friendships portrayed in the movie. For her ‘cobb-salad girlfriend group’ (each ordered a cobb salad with a different ingredient request), she joined three women for lunch. One was too busy on her cell with power deals. Another made her feel unimportant and the remaining girlfriend didn’t really listen to her either. It was a sad display of female friendship. Julie even asked a closer girlfriend if it’s okay/normal to hate your friends. Fortunately for Julie, she had this girlfriend and female coworkers who cheered her on as her blog comments grew and the confidence that came with accomplishing her task (of cooking all the recipes) grew. I loved how her true friends celebrated her success and cheered her on. That’s the kind of friendships that we all need.

There is a lot of attention given to how certain minorities and groups are represented through the media. Stereotypes are misleading, casting/scripts can be degrading and general perceptions can be polarizing.  It is interesting to see how female friendships are portrayed in movies and on TV. From ‘Sex and the City” to ‘First Wives Club‘ to ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’ this important relationship of female friendship can show all interpretations of this vital bond between women friends. From supportive to harsh (like the ‘cobb salad girlfriends’), from surface relationships to lasting friendships, girlfriend portrayals in movies/TV shows are about as varied as are our relationships in real life. (Check out our top Chick Flicks!)

Personally, I thought this movie was charming and one that both women and men can enjoy. Thanks Nora Ephron and all the great stars in Julie & Julia.

What are you favorite ‘girlfriend movies?’ Do you think that movies and the media portray women/girls/girlfriends correctly or not? And what did you think of ‘Julie and Julia?’ Share!


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