Friendship Girlfriendology Biz AdAt Girlfriendology, we LOVE working with companies/brands that we’d sincerely recommend to our Girlfriends!

We do! Why? Isn’t this selling? (ooooh, bad word! Right?)

Really no. It’s sharing insights and information on brands and products that work, make our lives easier and better. It’s sharing girlfriend advice on how to do things better, faster, cheaper and that make us happy. So, we work with brands/products that we’d recommend to our girlfriends to share information we feel is helpful as well as, let’s be real here girls, Girlfriendology is a business and that means we should make money for our efforts.

But don’t stop there and think we’re ‘selling out.’ We’re picky. We’ve turned down countless companies that didn’t fit the ‘girlfriend recommend-able’ qualifier – like the sleazy diet ads (when we love our girlfriends no matter what their size) and the adult diapers promotions (someday we may need these but they’re not the feel-good brand we want to showcase on Girlfriendology!).

As you may recall, if you’ve been around the Girlfriendology community for a bit, we’ve partnered with Biz Stain Fighter Detergent various times – like the commercial below and the print ad featured in the photo above. (We love them! They’re nice to work with and their product is something we use and recommend to our girlfriends!) We’ve worked on campaigns with Frito-Lay, Sears, Honda, Kroger, ConAgra/Healthy Choice, International Delights, The UPS Store and more – again, all brands that we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending to our girlfriends.

Check out our Infographic on ‘What Women Want.’ (And why Brands/Businesses work with Girlfriendology!)

We reserve the right to only accept advertising from companies/brands that fit the Girlfriendology brand. For example, we DO NOT promote/advertise for: Companies/Websites for Dating, Dieting, Gambling, Baby/Children’s items, Religious or Political. We LOVE to work with companies in these categories:

  • Food, Drinks, Entertainment, Travel
  • Fashion, Beauty, Shoes
  • Health Care, Items for Females
  • Home Goods, Craft Products, DIY Items
  • Gifts for Women/Girlfriends
  • Products that make Women’s lives Better

Do you have a brand, product or blog that you’d like to be ‘Girlfriend Recommended’? Would you like to have your brand featured in front of thousands of women? Here are a few ways we could work together:

  • Site ads – From $300 – $3000 (depending on packages) you can be featured on our home buy ativan 2mg ativan page, inside pages, in our Facebook Community, on Twitter, our Newsletter, etc. For more information on these, please let us know and we’ll share our media kit.
  • Reviews – NEW on Girlfriendology, with our focus expanding to Frugal, as well as Fashion, Family, and Shopping, we can review products and offer our ‘Girlfriend Reviews’ – things we’d tell our friends about your product or service. We’ll do a blog post, feature it in the newsletter, Tweet and Facebook about it (2+ times). You provide the product and $250. (Giveaways cost extra due to the time involved in managing them but let us know if you’d like to consider this.) Additional reviews and sponsorship options will be negotiated.
  • Let’s get creative! Let us know your ideas and budget, and we’ll come up with some creative way to promote you to our amazing community of women!

If you’re not familiar, GIRLFRIENDOLOGY is the growing community of women based on female friendship:

  • 30,000+ Twitter followers (primarily women, we delete guys we don’t know!)
  • 30,000+ Female Facebook Fans (and growing!) + Pinterest + Instagram + Periscope + LinkedIn (over 86,000 friends/followers!)
  • 3000+ Blog Posts and 200+ podcast interviews on female friendship, women’s topics, girlfriend advice, gifts, reviews and more – great for SEO.
  • Weekly newsletter mailings to over 3000 women.
  • Brands we’ve worked with: Sears, Kroger, Healthy Choice, UPS, T-Mobile, Biz (sponsor, TV advertisement, print ad/FSI), Wine Sisterhood and more!
  • Klout score: 58, Alexa ranking: 133,000 (both great scores/influential for women’s community)

So, if you work for a brand/company who would like to reach women or have ideas of who we should work with because they’re a brand you recommend to your girlfriends, please share!

Check out our Biz commercial:

By the way, we LOVE guest blogs here at Girlfriendology. Have a great girlfriend story to tell? Want to celebrate your fabulous female friends? SHARE! (And, we also have Girlfriend Gurus – check that out to be featured on Girlfriendology!)

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