9/11 disaster advice, 10 Things to do when the World Makes No SenseWhere were you on 9/11? And, how has it changed your relationships? How has September 11th had an impact on your Friendships?

On 9/11/01, I had just returned from a conference of creative women. (We all worked in the craft and hobby industry and designed products for craft companies, wrote craft books, went on shows like Carol Duvall and sold craft products on QVC – it was a fun job!) It was my first conference with this group and I had skipped a ‘special vacation’ in order to join this organization and get involved. (I eventually was on the Board of Directors with the fabulous and amazingly creative women in the photo here.) I flew home from our conference on 9/9, rested from our excessive girlfriend late-night conversations on 9/10 and on 9/11/01, by 6:30 a.m. I was on the treadmill in my basement (trying to made a dent in the calories I consumed with my new favorite female friends!).

Matt and Katie were on the Today Show and were the first to share the news that life was altered in a huge way and in an instant. I stopped the treadmill and stared at the little TV in front of it. Then I woke up my husband and we stood in front of the TV for hours. STOOD. We couldn’t even sit. We cried. We were confused. We didn’t want to believe it. We didn’t believe it. WTH had happened to our world? What were we to do?Friendship SCD Girlfriends 911

That day, I wondered where my friends were, what they thought about what was happening. I wondered if my cousin’s husband was in the Pentagon. I wondered about my friend Anne, who was a flight attendant for United, and if she had any friends on those flights. I didn’t even know it, but a friend’s brother was one of the “Let’s Roll” team on Flight 93. I worried about my BFF’s brother who lived near the World Trade Center. (She and I had been there a year before, had drinks on the top floor of the Trade Center and shopped in the mall below it. And, we stayed at the World Trade Center Marriott which was destroyed as well.) I wanted to tell my friends how much their friendship means to me.

A year later – exactly, I flew to Hollywood/Burbank to tape the Carol Duvall show. Flew. On the first anniversary of 9/11. I remember my connection in Dallas and watching the memorial on TV. I remember security being tense and serious. I remember the lady who sat next to me who had never flown before but her friends paid for her ticket to go to California to see her brother’s wedding. I wondered why she had chosen to have her first flight ever be on 9/11. I showed her how to lower the table from the chair in front. She read the Bible as we flew.

September 11, 2001 changed us all. We remember where we were and the fear, anger, sadness, confusion – like we’d never had before. We looked at each other differently, sharing a common bond of surviving a horrific tragedy – together. We weren’t our city or state, but a nation grieving together.

Looking back, I don’t want to forget that day – even the sorrow it caused. I want to learn from it … to value my friends who could be gone in an instant. I want to smile at strangers because we’re all just making it through life hoping for happiness along the way. I want to notice beauty in a sunset and amazing clouds, take a moment to enjoy a funny friend, phone all my friends or write cards to my girlfriends ‘just because.’  I want to remember, acknowledge and appreciate all those who make this a great nation and a beautiful world. (10 Things to do when the World Makes No Sense – more girlfriend advice on disasters and life.)

I want to be a better friend because life’s just too short not to be.

How are you today on 9/11, girlfriend? Where were you on September 11? How has it impacted your life and friendships? Comment below. So we can learn from each other and share in each other’s lives.

Today’s 9/11 Girlfriend Video Lunch Break (what we featured every day on Facebook.com/Girlfriendology) – I love this one. If you look for it, you’ll see, LOVE actually is all around …

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