Girlfriendology 8th birthday celebration She’s always there for me when I need her; She’s my best friend; she’s just my everything.
Ashley Olsen

With each friendship comes a special bond, a unique connection, a common ground. Sometimes it never develops to more than an acquaintance or a coworker status. Other times, we go deeper, share our raw feelings and give honest responses. And, on very special occasions, we bare our souls, share our deepest fears and dare to speak our dreams. Those are the BFFs who are really, REALLY there for us.

Girlfriendology is celebrating our eighth anniversary with eight lessons we’ve learned while focusing on female friendship for over 2300 blog posts. See all the lessons below, but note Lessons #4 – Be there for each other. Now, in Lesson #5, we’re thankful for those girlfriends who are REALLY there for each other.

Those amazing friends who sit by our hospital bed when there is nothing we can say but everything is felt. Those thoughtful girlfriends who help us move or let us stay with them. The caring women who pick us up when we’re down, who listen when they’re tired or too busy, who support us even when they don’t agree with our choices.

bff is there for youThere’s just something so wonderful, blessed and cherished as the girlfriend who is there for us, REALLY there for us.

So, take a moment to look around and notice the amazing BFFs who bless your life. Say a word of thanks, a prayer of gratitude – silently or verbally. Recognize that they’re special and that your life is better because they are there for you. And you are there for them.

That is why we ‘do’ Girlfriendology. Because we’re blessed and we want to inspire you to be a better friend, be grateful, be happy and be aware of the wonderful women who bless our lives!

This week on Girlfriendology:

What ‘lessons’ have you learned from your girlfriends? Share in the comments below!

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