Girlfriendology 8th birthday celebration “A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.” – Grace Pulpit

As Mat Kearney wrote in ‘Closer to Love,’ “I guess we’re all one phone call from our knees.”

At any time, any place, even when we’re feeling strong and happy, something can happen that knocks us to our knees. We’re not saying that girlfriends should replace or could compare to having faith in something bigger than ourselves, we need all the strength and faith we can get. But we are saying, that there are times in life, almost never with anticipation, that we need someone, someone special, to be there for us.

Somewhere, some time, some how … we all need our friends!

Friend comes in quote, girlfriends, womens friendshipSo, in our journey through eight ‘girlfriend lessons,’ (for the 8th anniversary of Girlfriendology, eight years of inspiring women and our friendships), we’re inspired by the wonderful women in our lives who are there for us – and we’re challenged to be THAT kind of friend to our girlfriends.

We need dependable friends. Girlfriends who are there for us, as Marlene Dietrich says below, at 4 a.m. Women who ‘have our back’ and do the little things to support us – like listen when we need a good friend, help us by running errands or giving rides, who anticipate our needs and then surprise us with thoughtful gifts. We need them. We need to be them for our friends.

So, girlfriend. What can YOU do to be THAT kind of friend? And … who of your Friends is there for you? Have you thanked them? 

Friends you can call quote, friendship quoteBe the kind of friend you’d love to have. Be there for your friends. Anticipate their needs. Surprise them with kindness and thoughtful gifts. Show them every day that you’ll be there for them. You’ll never regret that. And you’ll be so glad that they’re there for you if and when, God forbid, you get a phone call that knocks you to your knees. They’ll be right there beside you to help you stand again.

Come back for more Girlfriend Lessons! And in the mean time, here’s what’s been going on on Girlfriendology this past week:

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