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How can you get the word out about your blog? Share it with  our girlfriends!

guest bloggers girlfriendologyFor my blogger girlfriends: One of the best ways to find a new audience for your blog, is to guest blog on a site that has traffic you’d like to attract, right? It’s kind of like going to a party of your friends’ friends – it’s a room of new people to introduce to you and fun potential future friends to make.

At Girlfriendology we’re all about women supporting women, so we’re looking for FEMALE BLOGGERS to share their girlfriend inspiration, advice and stories in guest blogs that we’ll promote to our 60,000+ female Facebook friends, Twitter followers (primarily women) and our thousands of blog and newsletter readers.

What’s required? First, if you’re a FEMALE blogger – contact us with your idea*. Keep in mind that it can’t be a sales pitch and needs to offer helpful information that you’d share with a girlfriend, inspiring stories of friends or share some great girlfriend advice. Please share your guest blog idea, your blog URL and why you should be the one to write this in your introductory email to judicogen (at) gmail (dot) com. Once we agree on the angle, please send in a Word document with a short bio (75 words or less) and a photo* (jpg, 250×250 pixels is great). The bio should have no more than two links total. It should be well-written (in paragraphs, with possibly bullets/highlights, spell-checked and with proper punctuation) and fit the tone of Girlfriendology (positive, helpful content you’d share with a girlfriend). (We do reserve the right to reject any content that we don’t feel is positive, all inclusive for all women, helpful or that meets our standards/brand. We do not link to gambling/dating/diet sites or other links as we see fit.) We do ask that you also post it on your blog, as well as Tweet, Facebook and share with your online communities/fans. We want as many women as possible to read your guest blog!


Your Girlfriend StoryWe all have a Girlfriend Story that needs to be told. When a friend was there for you, inspired, supported, cracked you up (when you really needed it). A friend who has inspired you by her bravery, kindness, strength. A sister-friend, or a sister who’s your BFF. We want to share Your Girlfriend Story on Girlfriendology to inspire, amuse, and help other women.

We’d love to share your story on Girlfriendology. We’ll let you know when it goes live so you can share with your girlfriends. We’ll share your bio (with up to three personal links) and photos. You’ll inspire women and friendship. Isn’t that pretty awesome?!

It’s easy. Just go to this form and share Your Girlfriend Story.

P.S. Every woman I talk to about Girlfriendology has a Girlfriend Story that she loves to tell. Please share this with your girlfriends. Maybe they’ll write about you 🙂

* PLEASE NOTE: Girlfriendology is not seeking or accepting guest posts from outside companies/independent writers at this time – only BLOGGERS. If you are interested in advertising, a product buy sertraline 50 mg review or sponsored post, please contact info(at) for pricing information. Due to large volume of requests for guest promotional posts from companies, emails may not be responded to.  Also, we will determine which links will be NO FOLLOW.

Here are a couple examples from great guest blogs on Girlfriendology:

COMPANY SPONSORED GUEST BLOGS: Upon approval we do accept company sponsored guest blogs IF they fit our tone (as in offering ‘girlfriend advice’). This option starts at $100/post. Contact info (at) for more information. (The above ‘free’ guest blogs are for bloggers or women who are not representatives of a company.)

* SHARE PHOTOS OF YOU & YOUR FRIENDS – We love to feature real-life friends on Girlfriendology, share your stories and see the smiles that come from being with your friends. If you have a photo to share, first check with everyone in the photo to make sure they approve us posting it on Girlfriendology. Then write up a little description of the girlfriend group, who is in the picture, why you’re such great friends, etc. We’d love to feature you and your beautiful friends on Girlfriendology!

Want to be a regular feature here on Girlfriendology? Have great girlfriend advice, inspiration and information to share with women? We’re looking for GIRLFRIEND GURU‘s to share guest blogs monthly on Girlfriendology. (<– Check out that link for more info!)

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Can we guest blog for you?

Girlfriendology has over 2000 blog posts based on inspiration, appreciation and celebration of girlfriends. If this topic fits your audience or would be helpful to share with your readers, we’d love to write a guest blog for you! We can create a new blog post or re-purpose/edit a previous post for publication on your site. A few of our favorite topics are: why female friendship is so important, situations for being a better friend (to a friend who is looking for a job, to a friend dealing with cancer, or to a friend who has lost a beloved pet), social media and friendship and even social media marketing (like this guest blog I did for FeedBlitz on 9 Ways I use Facebook to grow the Girlfriendology Community).

If you’re interested in a guest blog from Girlfriendology, please share your blog name/URL and any information on your community, as well as ideas/guidelines in an email to info (at) girlfriendology (dot) com. (We’ll also reciprocate and promote it on Girlfriendology, and to our Facebook and Twitter communities.)