Girlfriendology quote happiness quote“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.”
Albert Schweitzer

Thankful for something? Don’t keep it to yourself!

Get ready to amp up your happiness quotient girlfriend. The next time you have something, anything, to be thankful for – a terrific day at work, a great burn at the gym, a fabulous new pair of shoes – share your joy with a friend and multiply the magic.

It’s that simple.

We’ve focused on the positive power you will experience by keeping a daily gratitude journal. Thus week, we’re going to share a simple secret on making those moments of gratitude you’re discovering even more powerful. We’ll also share a few simple ways to put this positive power into practice.

By keeping a gratitude journal, you’re already halfway there in multiplying those good feelings. The next step is to take those gratitude gems and let someone else in on your joy. This simple act will take full advantage of your positive experience, and will create a positive experience for someone else!

Why share your joy? Studies have shown that on average, we have three times more positive experiences than negative ones in our daily lives. But we also share some very human biases toward negativity and habituation. Negativism is a tendency to give more weight to our negative experiences. Habituation means is getting so used to good feelings that they become habit – routine and largely unnoticed. Both of these can keep us from extending our good feelings to others.

Modesty can also make us reluctant to share our good news. We don’t like to boast or show off. We can even feel a little guilty that, in simple ways, we’re doing better than others. Bonding over bad experiences like work or traffic or relationships seems easier and even friendlier. Don’t go there. It’s true that misery loves company. Well, joy and happiness positively delight in good company. It makes you, and those around you, feel better about yourselves. Want to increase that positive power? Support others joy by encouraging them to share their happiness with you!

It will make you a better person.

While the objectives of keeping a gratitude journal include drawing attention to and focus on the positives and experiences in out lives, sharing those experiences increases the effect beyond feeling it or writing it down. Happiness grows in sharing.

Here are a few simple ways to share your story.
1. Phone a friend. You can do that anywhere, anytime. If you get voicemail, leave an enthusiastic message.
2. Go to lunch. Seeing the genuine happiness on your friend’s face when you tell her the good news is priceless.
3. Socialize your happiness through social media. Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest are all wonderful ways to share your positive energy.

Remember that gratitude makes us optimistic. It decreases envy and materialism. Sharing your joy is not bragging or boasting; it positively affects the people you share with.

So talk with those close to you. Let them in on your happiness. The positive results are immediate – like right-this-minute immediate. Describing our happy experiences to friends and romantic partners will support your well-being, increase your satisfaction with life and even up your energy. Try sharing with people you know, people who are closest to you; they’re more likely to cheer you on and encourage you. The idea is that when sharing a positive experience – select a supportive listener,

Virginia Woolf once wrote “Pleasure has no relish unless we share it.”

So this week, let a few of your closest girlfriends in on the things that are making your day brighter. They’ll be more than happy to listen, and will be likely to share their happiness with you.

Have a thankful week girlfriends!

Let’s make this year filled with friends and gratitude. Sounds like the winning combination for a wonderful new year!