Wealth is health quoteThe first wealth is health.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Did you know that female friendship makes you healthier? It does! One reason is that friends de-stress us, and stress is the number one factor for primary care visits. (You know how being with girlfriends makes you feel better – that’s because it does!)

We’re happy for friends and we’re thankful for fitness friends who inspire and challenge us to get healthy. So, today’s Christmas gift ideas (or Hanukkah gift ideas or birthday ideas!) is dedicated to the wonderful women who get our butts to the gym or walk with us or just make us feel a little guilty (in a good way!) so we want to get healthy. Today we’re talking gifts for fitness friends!

Gifts for Fitness Friends Nike FuelbandNike FuelBand – I have one! It’s a great way of getting you moving! You can set a goal for the number of points each day and track them on your wrists. You also can share your info with friends so you kinda ‘compete’ (in a nice way!) over being active. Other options: FitBit and other fitness trackers.

Yoga Wear – This is a whole movement – literally! We women love a good pair of yoga pants, right? Well, your girlfriend will too! Why not wear something so comfy?! (Might want to get some for you!)

Yoga and Pilates Gear – That’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions. I want to get back into yoga and pilates. Know the friend who shares that goal? Encourage her with the gift of a mat, some fitness DVDs, or other fun fitness gear.fitness gifts heart rate monitor

Heart Rate Monitor – One of my favorite fitness finds is a Heart Rate Monitor to track my calories, etc. when I’m spinning. It really motivates me to push it a little harder and sweat a little more! It doesn’t have to be pink like this one (there are lots of options) but it will be a gift she enjoys as she sees her progress!

What’s your favorite fitness gift to give or receive?

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