girlfriend giftsOn the list of ‘How to be a Better Friend‘ is giving a perfect gift to a girlfriend for her birthday, holiday or special day. We love when the women who know us best, give us thoughtful girlfriend gifts that are perfect for us. (Like my awesome gifts* from my BFF Terri last week – thanks! LOVE THEM and YOU! Read examples below!) We’re getting ready for Christmas gift giving, holidays and the season of shopping. Here’s some thoughtful, personalized girlfriend gift ideas!

Our goal is to BE A BETTER FRIEND and that means giving gifts to our girlfriends that show them that they’re special and that their friendship means so much to us. Here are 5 ways to pick the perfect Gift for your Girlfriends:

1. Know her Style: My friend Cath is a beautiful blonde who loves to accent her outfits with gold jewelry. Remembering the little details about a friend (like her personal preferences and style) shows that you know HER. This collection of Freeform Metal gold jewelry TOTALLY reminded me of my girlfriend Cath. It’s finding those gifts that remind you of your BFFs that make it fun to give gifts for birthdays, holidays, special days or whenever!

2. Listen and Look for Hints: Pay attention to the catalogs she receives, the clothes she wears, the hints she ‘drops’ in conversations. Anticipate her needs and wants based on her personal preferences and life situation. If she has a new job, maybe a girlfriend gift of a new scarf to wear to work. Think of girlfriend gifts that will surprise her and make her smile. That’s a great feeling for both friends!

Life is a beautiful ride girlfriend gift3. Make it Personal: I love personal gifts that have been selected specifically for ME, don’t you? Please don’t give a gift that could have any woman’s name on it – from a coworker, to your mom! Girlfriends love gifts that are selected specifically for THEM. For example … If she’s going on a bike tour or race, give her a ‘Life is a Beautiful Ride’ pillow. If she loves wine, give her special wine girlfriend glasses that remind her of you (like these my girlfriends gave me!).

4. Gifts that Inspire Women: We all need a little encouragement at times – a girlfriend who believes in us and our dreams. Give a girlfriend gift that says you believe in her and that you want her to live the life of her dreams. Inspiring gifts like Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert or Louder than Words: Harness the Power of Your Own Words, by (my friend) Todd Henry will remind her that you believe in her and the power of her dreams.

5. Give her the Gift of an Experience: A recent article in The Atlantic shared the benefits of experiences over ‘things.’ From the happiness of anticipation (for a trip or experience together) to the gratitude for the memories created together, most of us would rather that time with our girlfriends than ‘stuff.’ A couple ideas … start traditions that bring you together (like a monthly dinner with a friend or a girlfriend group gathering on a regular basis). Celebrate ‘special birthdays’ with girlfriend trips or checking something off her list of things she’d love to try. Here’s some ideas – Holiday Girlfriend Traditions you can start this year and 10 Girlfriend Traditions for any time of the year.

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We’re heading into the Christmas shopping season and birthdays happen year ’round. Do you give thoughtful, personalized girlfriend gifts? Do you give gifts that make her feel as special as her friendship is to you? Be a better friend! Follow these 5 ways to pick the perfect Gift for your Girlfriends!

wine girlfriend book club gift* What were the perfect girlfriend gifts that I got from my BFF Terri? Glad you asked! They’re perfect examples of giving a girlfriend a gift that is custom to her and that will make her feel happy and special! A little local history – in Minnesota they don’t play ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ they play ‘Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.’ (Don’t ask me why!) So, as a reminder of my memories and wonderful friends in Minnesota, I now am the proud owner of a t-shirt with ‘Gray Duck’ on it – Love it! And … another girlfriend gift that shows she knows me well! My girlfriend book club is, let’s just say, not so much about the BOOK. It’s much more about wine with women and sharing our lives. So, thoughtful gift-giver Terri gave me the perfect book bag to carry to book club and everywhere! Great girlfriends gifts, right?!