Spirituality Girlfriend GuruA birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip.  ~Unknown

We all have different rituals at different times in our lives. For some of us, it might have been a ritual on the first day of school (new shoes, new lunchbox, new pencils). For the athletes among us, it might have been a pre-game ritual (without which we were sure we would not compete as well). For others of us, it might have been a special friendship greeting we shared with our BFF.

As we’ve grown up, different rituals have taken center stage. For us, we love having meetings over a cup of coffee. Even if we don’t have coffee to drink, it’s the getting together and catching up that are important. Girlfriend Guru LISA SARICK reminds us that birthdays are another great time to create rituals with friends.

I love rituals! Maybe it’s the minister in me – or is it why I became a minister? Either way, it feels natural for me to mark important events and occasions—with a party, a prayer, a tattoo!

One of my favorite rituals emerged from my Moon Circle. When it was a MoonGirl’s birthday we would made kind of a big deal out of it. We tried different things over the years as far as gifts and parties—like each bringing a small bunch of flowers for the birthday girl and presenting them to her to create a huge, glorious bouquet in a new vase.

The one thing we always included though was a lovely little ritual that filled our hearts and radiated beauty long after any flowers faded and the cake was all gone. I invite you to try it the next time you are gathered to celebrate the birth of a friend. It would go something like this:

  • Girlfriendology a birthday is justSit in a circle.
  • Have a blank birthday card ready to fill out.
  • One at a time go around the circle and tell the birthday girl one thing you love about her and one thing you wish for her in the year ahead. Although there are probably many things you love and many where to buy nexium 40 mg wishes that you have for her, just pick one so that everyone has the chance to highlight something different.
  • Write in the card the compliment and the wish for her to remember and reflect on all year!

Naturally, hugs and tears and nodding in agreement come with this ritual. The birthday girl should try to breathe and listen, and allow it all to penetrate. It can be hard to take in that much love, believe me, but don’t all of your girlfriends deserve it?

LISA SARICK (also known as Reverend Lisa) is a Spiritual Finder. As a minister and teacher she guides people who want peace to go beyond the limits of their minds to the freedom of their spirit. She holds 1-on-1 sessions, officiates ceremonies, and is working on creating a group program to lead the masses to freedom! Visit her virtual home at www.LisaSarick.wordpress.com.

How do you celebrate birthdays with your girlfriends? Do you have any rituals that you repeat year after year or do you invent new celebrations with each birthday? Any girlfriend birthday traditions? SHARE!

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