Friendship Tisa PowellWho do you go to when you advice on sex?

Most of us don’t go to a doctor or specialist (unless there seems to be something medically wrong). Often we go to a girlfriend we can trust. In fact, in our recent girlfriend survey on sex (to gather info for our interview with guest blogger TISA POWELL on Friday, December 10th, 2-2:30pm ET on so far women have responded about if they talk about sex with their girlfriends:

  • Of course! Because it’s fun and you never know what you will learn 😉
  • Yes. Who better?
  • Yes my girlfriends and I discuss it all the time. We give each other tips and tricks and we are examples to one another on how things work in a relationship.

Note: not all of you talk about sex with your girlfriends so we’ve got the ‘go-to’ girlfriend  for you!

Tisa Powell has been a Pure Romance rep for four years. (Pure Romance is a company that provides ‘sexual aids’ – lubricants, toys, books, etc. as well as education on women’s sexual health.) She’s heard every question in the book so she’s going to be answering some of your questions on our BlogTalkRadio interview as well as in an upcoming eBook ‘The Girlfriendology Guide to Women’s Sexual Health: Flowering into Flames.’ (NOTE: Sign up for our newsletter to find out more about this and other Girlfriendology guides, webinars, etc.)

Why is women’s sexual health a girlfriend issue? Well, as women and as friends, we need to share information that can make our lives better – from how to have stronger, healthier relationships to how to understand our bodies and feel good about ourselves. So, we’re taking on all kinds of girlfriend conversations (from spirituality to sex) and how we women can support each other with helpful information.

Thanks Tisa for this guest blog on your job & women’s sexual health (and we can’t wait to interview you on Friday, December 10th, 2-2:30pm ET on!):

I love my job! My Girlfriends are actually my biggest supporters. I attended my first Pure Romance party seven years ago and once the Consultant mentioned the opportunity my friends said, ‘Oh, Tisa you would be so good at this!’ It took me three years before I finally signed up and I am now one of Pure Romance’s Top Consultants.

Pure Romance is truly my calling: I inspire, empower and educate women on their sexual health and how to take control of their sexual life. I consider myself the Ultimate Girlfriend. I am there to hold their hands and to help them to take baby steps to exploring a new sexual side of themselves that they never thought possible. Women come to me for personal consultations whether it’s at a party, in person, on the phone or in an email.  Many will open up like flowers. It’s wonderful. They learn so much about sex, about themselves, about their sex life and they are like “WOW! I didn’t know that.” And my favorite is: “Thank you, Tisa, Thank you.” Women have so many questions about sex I am excited to help them on their journey. Some topics include vaginal dryness, vaginal pain, how to make sexual experience last longer and of course the where is the g-spot.

Improve your Sex Life

It all starts with a little curiosity. What can you do differently? What can your partner do differently? In case you haven’t figured it out yet, communication is the key! Talking about sex with your girlfriends and with your partner can lead to a whole new world of ideas on how and what you can do to improve your sex life. A lot of women are embarrassed to talk about sex with their doctor. Your girlfriends are the ones you can and should be able to talk to about sex. Whether its mind blowing sex or if there are too many ‘quickies’, vaginal pain. These are things that your girlfriends have also most likely gone through as well.

Ask for what you want in the bedroom. Explore your own body. Spending more time exploring each others bodies (foreplay) will intensify the anticipation of actual intercourse. Using lubricants can make sex more pleasurable and bedroom accessories (toys) enhance the overall experience. Once again discussing the use of bedroom accessories will open the flood gates for perhaps expressing fantasies and trying new positions.

I get a lot of questions about the Big ‘O’. Yes, all women can have orgasms. Sadly some women have never experience an orgasm. I highly recommend that every woman have a Bullet. Why? Because the easiest way for a women to have an orgasm is through the clitoris. The only purpose of our clitoris is for pleasure. If you have lost sensitivity in the clitoral area through surgery, an accident, medication, age; there are arousal creams out there that are for stimulating the clitoris and will help to by pass the brain and send blood flow directly to the clitoris. The bullet is a bedroom accessory that has several vibrating and pulsating speeds. Once you find your sweet spot you will have an orgasm in 0 to 60 seconds. Using a bullet will also get you and your body ready for sexual intercourse. You can use an arousal cream and a bullet together for best results.

Tisa Powell is the Ultimate Sexpert Girlfriend! As one of the top Pure Romance Consultants for 4 years, she educations women on their sexual health, and empowers them to explore a side of themselves they never thought possible. She believes that women can infuse their love life with communication tips, tools and products that can make a big impact in the bedroom and beyond! She invites you to visit her site for her 50% off sale through Dec. 30.

So, does that give you some insight into the girlfriend conversation we’ll have with Tisa on Friday on! DON’T MISS IT!

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