Gratitude quote JFK piThanksgiving comes but once a year, but living with a daily attitude of gratitude is actually good for your health. Science has shown that the chemistry in our brains actually change when we complain and when we compliment. So, kick negativity to the curb, and enjoy some …

Girlfriend Advice on living a Grateful Life:

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. John F. Kennedy

Say thank you. Make an effort to thank people with a simple two word, “thank you.” Did someone open the door for you? Say thank you. Did the waitress bring you a meal? Say thank you. Did your girlfriend do something that made you happy? Tell her thanks. Don’t stop at casual thank you’s. Make an effort to call someone up just to say thank you.

Besides telling others thanks, verbally, spend some time each day speaking out loud and listing the things that make you happy and the people for whom you’re most grateful. Those who are in touch with their spiritual side already do this as part of daily prayer. It may feel unnatural at first to audibly declare a list of what you are thankful for, but hearing yourself list off item, by item actually makes it more believable that you really are grateful.

Pay it forward and volunteer to be a part of random acts of kindness every day. Research has shown that the act of volunteering produces a rush of endorphins in the brain similar to what occurs during exercise. Instead of a runner’s high, it’s time to have your own little party of thankfulness whenever possible. Though, don’t forfeit exercise entirely. People who regularly get physical are less prone to depression and falling into other unhealthy pitfall habits.

Select a colorful pen, and keep a Gratitude Journal. Writing down your thoughts releases the stress of trying to remember and helps you focus on happy times. Jotting down daily thoughts won’t come naturally for some. If that’s the case, make a concerted effort to get in the habit of gratitude journaling every day. When you end up with a bad day, pull it out and read all the funny and uplifting thoughts you took the time to write about.

Spend time with girlfriends who make you smile. Reverse the idea that bad company corrupts good character and cultivate an attitude of gratitude versus negativity among friends. Thankfulness works like a magnet to gather others toward you, so don’t be surprised if your is it legal to buy diazepam online circle of friends starts to grow stronger and broader when you begin to live gratefully among friends.

Don’t limit your gratitude to the happy moments. Be thankful when things didn’t go the way you had hoped. Give thanks through the negative things in your life, accepting that everything is working together for your good. A popular internet meme says, “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” It’s not a mere cliché. When you look back over your life, it’s quite often the negative experiences that built character and made you who you are.

Practice till you get it right. If you’re not accustomed to feeling gracious, it’s time to learn a new skill. New skills take practice to perfect. Use this helpful girlfriend advice on living a grateful life. Extend mercy and grace when you fail at being thankful, and use it as a starting point to getting back on track for more gratitude practice.


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