Hey girlfriend – how are you doing with the stress of the holidays?Friendship Sandy Fowler

It’s THAT time of year – time for holiday planning, presents and parties. To many of us women it’s also the season of stress. We take on too much and have too little time to do it, making us, well, stressed.

Our girlfriend SANDY FOWLER has some great girlfriend advice for us on holiday stress. She’s taken on making the holidays less stressful or women with her business Heart-filled Holidays. And, she’s our guest THIS FRIDAY, December 17th, 2-2:30pm ET on BlogTalkRadio.com/Girlfriendology – so listen in for her great girlfriend advice, like this guest blog on how to make your holidays less stressful:

The Holidays … it’s the best, busiest, and most stressful time of the year. We have extra activities, Holiday parties, shopping, entertaining, charity work, services, and baking, all on top of the things we do to sustain life. All this extra activity can suck us dry and take all the joy out of the season or even leave us stressed and frazzled. So what’s a girl to do? Call your girlfriends!

Whether you’re excited and want to share the joy with someone, way behind on your to-do list or feeling stressed out, your girlfriends are the solution. Now, I’m not talking about calling your girlfriends to complain. While we all need to vent once in a while I want you to go a step further and take action – do something along with your girlfriends.

When we are excited about the season, have great events to attend or just want to share the good times with someone we all know that is a great time to call up a girlfriend. What isn’t so obvious is that we can help each other lighten the load during the holidays simply by having fun together.

You might wonder how having fun can get our to-do list done. That’s a great question with a simple answer – marry the fun with the to-do list.

We all have to shop for gifts at this time of year. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of presents you have to buy, or maybe the thought of going to a mall clonazepam buy online makes you cringe. Then take the focus off the shopping and put it on your friends! Invite a friend or two to go shopping with you. Meet up for breakfast and map out your strategy just to make sure you keep each other on task, then just relax and have fun.

If you have baking to do but the thought of spending the day trapped in the kitchen makes you crazy then invite a friend over, open a bottle of wine, and make your cookies together. Or better yet, grab that friend, make a visit to the local bakery and order your cookies from them. Then you can go to lunch or do a little shopping instead of baking.

The same is true of wrapping presents, addressing holiday cards or almost any item on your list. You can turn any task into a little party by inviting some friends over and tossing in a little food and drink then just enjoying yourself. Hanging with your friends makes any task easier and more fun. Just follow this super simple 3-step process:

1.      Pick a task to complete

2.      Invite a friend or friends to join you

3.      Get together and have fun!

Sandy Fowler is a wife, mom and business owner who’s done it all from working for a Fortune 500 Company, living overseas, homeschooling her kids and leading volunteer organizations to being a stay-at-home mom and starting her own businesses.  She’s lived and celebrated holidays in many different situations and has discovered how to be happy regardless of the outward circumstances of her life. Now she shares those lessons with you, using her practical approach to living, working, and prospering to help you find your path to stress-free holidays that warm your heart and feed your spirit.

So girlfriends, you heard it from the expert – It’s the most wonderful time of the year to It’s the most wonderful time of the year to call up a friend and de-stress.  Who are you going to call?

Thanks Sandy! Listen for more of Sandy’s de-stressing girlfriend advice THIS FRIDAY, December 17th, 2-2:30pm ET on BlogTalkRadio.com/Girlfriendology. Happy Holidays Girlfriend!