Friendship for introvertsAre you an introvert or extrovert? It matters when it comes to friendship. We all NEED FRIENDS, but each of us have our own ‘style’ of friendship and recognizing our differences is a great way to be better friends.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. Jim Morrison

A true friend IS someone who gives you the total freedom to be yourself – introvert or not.

Recently I found a blog post by Introvert Dear about being friends with an introvert. (Thanks Jenn for your permission to post this and check out her site for more insights, info and inspiration for introverts!) Here are:

9 Rules for Being Friends with an Introvert:

1. Don’t text us and ask us to be ready to hang out in 10 minutes.

We get it. Sometimes things happen spontaneously. But spontaneity should be the exception, not the rule. We need waaaay more than 10 minutes to mentally prepare ourselves to be with people. The amount of time needed for that mental preparation varies from introvert to introvert, but a good rule of thumb is to ask at least a day in advance.

2. If we hung out with you yesterday, we don’t want to hang out again today.

No offense, but we need time to recharge after being with people. Even when we have fun, socializing is still draining.

3. If we think it’s just going to be the two of us hanging out, don’t invite three more people.

We do better one-on-one. A crowd of people means we’ll probably clam up and fade into the background all night. Plus, it’s a little hurtful when we feel like we’re just another warm body in your extrovert entourage. If we’re friends with you, it means you really mean something to us. We have a tiny inner circle of friends, and we don’t let in just anyone. We agreed to hang out because we want to spend time with you.

4. Don’t show up where we live without asking first.

This goes back to that whole “we need to be mentally prepared to see people” thing.

5. “Tired” is code for “we don’t want to be around people anymore.”

If we say we want to leave the party because we’re tired, it might not mean we’re literally having trouble keeping our eyes open. We might just be “tired” of being surrounded by people.

6. We like to listen because we’re good at it, but don’t take advantage of it.

We care, and one thing we can offer you is our superpower of listening. But this doesn’t buy amitriptyline mean you should launch into a monologue that lasts 20 minutes — even we have our limits. If we’re not saying anything, it probably means we’re processing what you’ve said — and that isn’t necessarily an invitation to keep talking.

7. If we don’t answer your text right away, it doesn’t mean we hate you, it just means we want to be left alone for a while.

For our own mental sanity, sometimes we need to completely disconnect from people in every way. We promise, once we’ve had time to ourselves to recharge, we’ll answer your text and be the friend you need.

8. If you call us, it better be because you’re bleeding or your cat died, or some other horrific emergency happened. Otherwise, don’t call us.Gifts for Introverts

We hate talking on the phone. We’re pretty sure texting was invented by introverts who wanted to avoid all phone calls forever.

9. If we say we want to stay home, we really do just want to stay home.

So let us. And show some respect by not texting us 12 times with the intention of making us feel guilty or trying to change our mind.

Good insights into friendship with an introvert, right? Again, thanks to Jenn Granneman, Creator of for helping us understand our introverted friends!

Are you an introvert? Do you have more to add to this list?

Or, is your friend an introvert? Any thoughts or questions?

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Let’s open the discussion on being a friend with and as an introvert. We all NEED friends and we all, like the friendship quote above says, need someone who gives us total freedom to be ourselves. How can we improve our friendships by better understanding each other? Please share!

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