alaska,girlfriends,adventureHave you ever been to Alaska? If not, you should go! It is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and has the nicest people! Here’s an update on my adventure …

On the first night I overheard a cute young couple talking about where they were from. I made a comment and soon we were sitting together talking and sharing our passions for travel, the planet, NPR, social media, etc. It was so fun to meet Kate and Ruan – a smart, caring, adventurous couple who are living in Alaska for a year. (Doesn’t that sound like a fun opportunity?!) Later in the week, we met again and shared a glass of wine and more about our lives and our passions. Strike that up as great new friends whom I plan to follow along on their global adventures and conservation efforts.

I was able to meet up with a woman I’d interviewed on the Girlfriendology podcast years ago – Julie N. Julie and her beautiful daughter gave me the wonderful gift of a perfect evening – from the clouds parting (the only time that happened during the trip) to seeing eagles and being in the midst of a moose marital intervention! We shared dinner and our stories and I left feeling like both she and her daughter were immediate, lasting, and beautiful friends.

I also met a group of women who live in a remote part of Alaska. They have a strong bond as a community and they actively support and encourage each other. It was wonderful!

The girlfriend lesson? Friendship is all around. (As I mentioned last week in my Girlfriend Alaskan Adventure.) The world is a big, beautiful place and friends – even some you may not have met yet – make it even more amazing.

Who can you start a conversation with that just might end up as a friend? Where can you adventure and make new connections and friendships?

Life is short. Be a better friend. Safe travels!

We love to share our travel for women stories. Where should we go next? Where’s your favorite destination for traveling with girlfriends?