No stress! 5 Great Last-minute Girlfriend Gift Ideas

It's countdown to the holidays and your girlfriends aren't checked off the gift list yet? Girlfriends mean the world to you, right? That's why it's fun to give each of them the perfect present. That's also why it's sometimes hard to find a gift to express your...

Not-so-black Friday | The Day After Thanksgiving

It's funny how during Thanksgiving we're thankful for what we already have, but then we practically trample each other for stuff we don't have on Black  Friday. - Unknown I know that Black Friday got its name because it is the day many retailers go from being “in the...

Girlfriend Gifts – Fun, Friend-Inspired Holiday Gifts

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” Richard Bach The hectic holidays are coming and we're excited to start shopping for girlfriend gifts! So, to get us started, we're wishing for a holiday filled with happiness and spent among friends and family...

Bipartisan, Calming Girlfriend Gifts

Wow. The election has carried over to Girlfriendology. Especially with Facebook and everyone taking sides, we need to get back to what will matter no matter who wins the election - our GIRLFRIENDS! And what better way to say "I love you no matter who is running for...

Month of Friendship, Day 13 – Send your Girlfriend a Card

When was the last time you got a card from a girlfriend? When did you receive a surprise reminder of how much you matter to a dear friend? Or read a heartfelt message from a friend that could only come from her? And, when was the last time you sent such a greeting...

Month of Friendship, Day 8 – 5 Ways to Make a Friend Laugh

5 Ways to Make a Friend Laugh 🙂 The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. e. e. cummings You crack me up, girlfriend! You know the friend who always makes you laugh? She can turn tears of sadness or stress into laughing until you cry. Those kind of...

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