Winter quote, winter gifts for women,girlfriend giftsToday’s Friendship Quote for Women:

One kind word can warm three winter months.

Japanese Proverb

Think about that: One KIND WORD …

Ever feel so cold, that you just can’t warm up? That no amount of hot chocolate, or length of time in a hot shower, feel like they can melt the cold that reaches to your core?

This time of year is tough on many of us. The cold temps, short days, and long winter nights can chill us both physically and emotionally. We know Spring will come (right!?!) but, for now, it’s dang cold and it’s hard to see past the visible breath we take.

That’s why this Friendship quote is so lovely. It’s a reminder that we have the power to bring warmth into a friend’s frigid day. Each of us have the warmth of sunshine in the kindness we show to others. We get to be a friend’s heat source in a time of low temperatures and darkness.

TODAY – Warm a friend’s day with ACTS OF KINDNESS. Share a thoughtful note or message. Extend a voice of warmth and thoughtfulness.


Be warm girlfriend! For more girlfriend inspiration on KINDNESS:

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The Kindness Handbook girlfriend giftA friend criticizes you. You grow impatient with someone you’re trying to help. A cell phone user annoys you on a train. Would your first response to these situations be kindness? In The Kindness Handbook, Sharon Salzberg explores with insight and clarity how kindness for ourselves and others can be the quality we choose to steer our lives by.

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