Today is Pink Ribbon Day. With over 2 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S., most of us have felt the effects of this terrible disease through a friend, family member or ourselves. We’ve shared ideas on how to be a friend to a girlfriend dealing with cancer and pink gifts to give a girlfriend with cancer, we heard from Tami Boehmer (a breast cancer survivor) in her own words how to be a friend when a friend is really needed.

Two women shared their story with Girlfriendology as part of our Girlfriend Picture Project. Meet Michele and Jennifer. Two girlfriends who know what it means to deal with cancer and to be friends through this tough process.

Jennifer and Michele, girlfriends

Girlfriends Jennifer and Michele

Jennifer shared:

I have a great story of friendship to share. I met Michele through a local chamber that is full predominantly of entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is one of 20 people in the country who specializes in her industry and she heard I do PR, so she offered to buy me a drink and see if I’d be interested in taking her on. At the end of the night I decided that were going to become too good of friends and that it didn’t feel right to take her business.

Months went by before we saw each other again and the gap between us getting together was bigger and bigger. One day she met my best friend and I for brunch and announced she was getting a divorce. I began to feel compelled to stay in touch and support her. Just a few weeks later she found a large lump in her left breast and he doctor said “stage 4”.

I dove into caretaker role wanting to do everything I possibly could for her. After her initial surgery to remove the lump and a lymph node I was there that morning to help her get out of the shower and dressed for a big meeting. She had a lot of love around her and it was easy to get people to help support her through chemotherapy. The day I went was Valentine’s Day and not an easy treatment for her.

It changed my life forever to see her go through all of this – the cutting and eventual loss of her hair, the chemo, the sickness, the inability to work and grow her business….all of it. It’s unfortunate that she had to go through this for us to become such good friends, but her spirit brought all of us, especially me through it all, along with a good sense of humor. Michele has the amazing ability to touch everyone around her and I’m glad to call her one of my dearest friends and soul mates.

Jennifer, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful girlfriend story.

Do you have a friend going through breast cancer – or other tough stuff?

What do you recommend for girlfriends in this serious situation?

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