Female friendship to me includes a big dose of support, encouragement and inspiration for women, right?

girlfriend,inspiration,follow your dreamsExample: The other night my BFF and I had an impromptu girlfriend dinner where, as we often do, we shared ideas for each others businesses. And, as usual, we enthusiastically brainstormed ideas, explored ways to be successful, shared tips and tools (one below!) that can assist in our success and in meeting our goals and going after our dreams.

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up. — Rachel Corrie

It was the perfect reminder of why we need our FRIENDS and how we should strive to #BeABetterFriend 😉 — GIRLFRIENDS BELIEVE IN US! Between the advice and sharing, build on the years of trust and support, was the wonderful girlfriend gift of love and support. Bottom line: she believes in me and my dreams, and I do the same for my girlfriend.
THAT, my friend, is why I started Girlfriendology. We don’t get the benefits of friendship (like those amazing dinners and conversations that change the direction of our lives and impact our happiness) IF we don’t invest the time and support in our girlfriends. Unless we make time for our friends, we don’t get those special times with our friends – we just don’t.
So today’s GIRLFRIEND CHALLENGE is to make where can i buy nexium plans with a friend. Maybe try to make plans with a friend who you haven’t seen in a while. It could even be a long distance girlfriend who you make plans to FaceTime or Skype with, a busy friend who you have to remind that she needs to spend time with her friends (aka: YOU!), or a new friend that you think needs support or encouragement. But, just do it.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to believe in a friend and to feel the amazing benefit of female friendship: that she believes in you!

Life is short. Be a Better Friend.Girlfriendology,Periscope

p.s. One of the topics my BFF and I talked about for our businesses is a new social network – PERISCOPE. It’s like having your own live conversation with your friends/fans/followers. Check out Girlfriendology on Periscope – we’re talking everyday about how to be a better friend, girlfriend inspirations and challenges, and fun stuff girlfriends share. (Oh my! I even live streamed a Scope from the gym with no make-up on yesterday!) And check out my girlfriend, the amazing, smart and super Scoper – Julie on Brave Writer on Periscope. Everyday she shares amazing inspiration for homeschooling moms! See you on Periscope!
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