Follow Your Dreams,girlfriend advice“You can’t give to others well, until you’ve given to yourself.” Wise advice from Robyn’s yoga instructor

Do you ever wish you had made different decisions in your life? Wish that you’d followed a different road? Chosen a different career?

Guest blogger ROBYN GREENHOUSE not only thought about following her dreams, she made the decision to change her life follow her happiness.

What would you be doing if you could follow your heart’s true path?

Now ask yourself, are you on that path?

If you are able to answer yes, then congrats! I’m so happy for you!

If you answered no,why not?

A few years ago, my son asked me this very question. Well, not quite in those words, he was only 12 years old at the time, but his question had the same meaning.

I had so many excuses why I couldn’t follow my dream: I’m too busy raising kids, too much time to learn new skills, too much time out of the house learning these new skills were just a few of those excuses.

But these were all excuses. The more I thought about what I really wanted to accomplish, the more these dreams pulled at my heart.

When you know your path, there are ways to quiet that voice inside that’s full of excuses, and you can begin to find ways to reach your goals! Here were some that helped me:

  • Family members are willing to help watch kids
  • Spouses will help if you ask, asking is the important step here!
  • With a little advanced planning, friends can help watch kids and even pets
  • Trading babysitting time for your new learned skill can also be a good bartering tool!

Those around you will benefit as well.

~ you can’t give to others well, until you’ve given to yourself~

wise advice from my yoga instructor

When you take time for yourself, the daily chores don’t seem so overwhelming. Why? Because, soon you will be doing what fills your heart with joy! It’s easy to get through life’s necessities when you balance life’s necessities buy ambien overnight delivery with the joys you allow for yourself.

I started in my 40s but it’s never too late (or too early if you are lucky!) to follow your path.

The energy that it will fill your mind and body with is better than any 2nd or 3rd cup of caffeine! (I just can’t give up that 1st morning cup!)

It’s easy to lose yourself in labels – daughter, sister, mother, wife.

But let’s not forget to lose ourselves in what makes us who we are at the heart, at our very core.follow your dreams, Robyn Greenhouse

I believe in you! If you start today, even just baby steps, I know you can become the woman you are meant to be and the doors will open to let your dreams in.

How do I know this? Girlfriend’s intuition I guess.

ROBYN GREENHOUSE is a writer, an “ever trying to capture that right moment” photographer, and a yoga instructor, while still remaining a wife, mother, daughter and sister. She lives with her three boys, two dogs, and husband who is always supportive…especially, when she remembers to ask for extra help! You can follow her on her blog, Adventures in Laughter, Exercise and Eating Well.

What is your best tip for following your dreams, girlfriend?

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