Girlfriendology if you want to feel rich“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.” Proverb

Some days ‘the Money Thing’ can seem like just too much. You reach into your wallet for the ten you know was there – except it’s a one dollar bill. You face your bills realizing – once again – that there will be too much month left at the end of your money.

Abundance Guru MIATA EDOGA is here to help with all that. She is a whiz at finding little ways that add up to a big financial impact. After all, couldn’t we all use a little more of that?

You’ve been working hard…maybe too hard…and it’s time for a break. Whether you’re dreaming about a short weekend trip or a longer sabbatical from real life, it makes sense to recharge your batteries. A vacation is a great way to stay fresh in the office, school, or with family and friends at home.

Girlfriend Advice Money Finance SavingsAt the same time, you should avoid needing to recharge your wallet when you return home.

Vacations are about experiences, so I won’t convince you to stay close to home. Go! Enjoy! I recently visited Southeast Asia with my family and it was the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some tips to save money on your trip:

1) Work from a travel plan. If you’re dreaming big, you’ll want to focus on spending money on memorable experiences. Map out your journey and include all highlights of your trip along the way. Leave some time for exploring and fun—don’t regiment the entire trip or you’ll be exhausted by the time you arrive back home.

Tip: List each vacation spot and how much money you’re budgeting. This will give you a guide to begin shrinking the amount you spend during your vacation.

2) Use discount sites. I first heard of when on business to Indianapolis. I paid the convention rate at the hotel of $95. A friend in the room two doors down from me used Hotwire to secure a room at the same four-star hotel for $55.

By using sites like these for air, hotel, and rental cars, you could potentially slash huge dollars from your budget.

Tip: Check the official merchant sites to compare before purchasing a room or flight from a discounter. Often you won’t earn reward points and in some cases the discount site doesn’t cost any less money.

3) Pack a travel reward credit card. Before you squirm, I’ll agree: using a credit card isn’t a good idea if you’re going to have a balance. However, if you can pay off the balance each month, why not earn some free perks? Nearly every company offers good credit card perks. Find a card without an annual fee and points that match your lifestyle.

Tip: Check your where to buy nexium cheap credit report for free first before applying. Free credit reports are available through a government program at

4) Use travel books and sites. For a small price, a good travel guide is like insurance for your trip. You’ll find potential special deals, out-of-the-way restaurants and hotels which are a great value for the cost, and information on local customs and weather. Many books help you avoid pitfalls and tourist traps.

Tip: Use the travel guide to decide what you’d like to do, then consult the web for discounts at each location.

5) Sign up for reward programs. Even if you aren’t a frequent flier or hotel guest, these programs often throw free stays and bonus points at potential visitors. On some trips, I’ve earned free rooms and flights behaving exactly how I would have anyway without the reward program!

Tip: Double-dip point programs by also signing up for Upromise or iDine. You could earn reward points for both your credit card and these programs in a single meal!

MIATA EDOGA is the President and Founder of Abundance Bound, a 10-year old company committed to utilizing humor, inspiration & lots of love to give individuals around the world the necessary tools to thrive financially, while keeping focus on the things they treasure most. Visit the Abundance Bound Facebook Page for your free copy of Financial Success for the Creative Soul!

How do you save money on your travels? What girlfriend advice do you have for saving money?

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