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Introducing our Girlfriend Guru of Coupons – Kristin

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It’s back to school time! Can you believe the summer is almost over?  Soon it will be time to set the alarm and establish the bedtime routine—again.  Here are few tips to make your mornings and evenings a little better organized and peaceful.

  • Plan ahead and make a quick breakfast.  Find items your kids like such as muffins or a cereal bar and stock up on these items.  We all want to be able to make a sit down breakfast in the morning for the kids leave for the day but sometimes it’s just not feasible.  Especially during those first few days when the routine just isn’t there yet, plan a microwaveable or take-on-the-go breakfast to make sure the kids have fuel to energize their bodies.
  • Have a place for the inevitable paperwork that you receive during the first week of school.  I have a set of bins that I label “from school” and “to school” so we can keep track of all of these forms.  It also helps me to see what needs to be signed and sent back.  Once the kids go to sleep at night, I make one sweep of the “to school” papers and put them in backpacks.
  • Set up a homework box.  You can use a shoebox or something more fancy.  In this homework box I place all of the items needs to do homework like pencils, pens, markers, tape, crayons, etc.  I have one younger so my suggestion is to make a separate homework box for each child based on where they are in school.  There is nothing worse than running around trying to find things with homework and dinner looming.
  • Art work will begin to make its way home.  Begin thinking about where you want to showcase your little one’s artwork.  Perhaps you can scan it in and save it.  If that’s not possible I use the kitchen buy klonopin online no prescription cheap refrigerator and cabinets here at home and at the grandparent’s house.  Once those are full we use them to decorate gifts.
  • Make sure the kids have a clock in their bedrooms.  Don’t be the official time clock watcher before the bus comes.  Kids will be able to keep track of their time getting ready without you saying “hurry up” ten times.
  • Kristin Peoples is a Social Media Strategist, Author, online shopaholic, and Speaker. Kristin became very frugal after the birth of her son in 2006.  As a stay at home mommy making smart buying choices became key.  As a result was born in 2009.  Kristin will help you buy at the lowest possible price because Girlfriends never let Girlfriends pay full price!

School mornings can be stressful because you are back on a schedule.  Our summer was pretty carefree so it’s almost painful to hear the alarm clock in the morning.  But soon we will all be back in our routine and staying organized will help keep your day flowing in the right direction.

What’s your girlfriend advice for Back-to-School organizing? What mom advice can you share to make other mom’s lives easier?

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