television quoteTelevision:  chewing gum for the eyes.  ~Frank Lloyd Wright

I love great shows (and chewing gum!) and I love talking with my girlfriends about the latest episode of whatever we’re currently watching.

But until recently, it hadn’t occurred to me that some television shows teach us about female friendship.

Girlfriend KAYLA WILSON shares her perspective on how our favorite TV shows can teach us about friendship. What do you learn about being a great girlfriend from your favorite shows?

As girlfriends, we like to get together and chat about the happenings in our lives, a new job, graduation, or the kids, but there’s always a little gossip about the latest show. Usually it goes something like “Did you see her light that curtain on fire? I couldn’t believe it.” Or “I can’t believe he lied to her like that. I did not see that coming!” Gossip about television shows tends to center around the plots of the story, but what about the relationships between friends?

Characters in shows like Devious Maids or Drop Dead Diva have friendships and they can teach us a thing or two about how to be a better friend.

Devious Maids – The friendship between ­­­Marisol and Rosie can be described as one built on loyalty. The plot of the story in the first season centered on finding the killer of one of the maids, Flora. Rosie is loyal to Marisol, sticking her neck out while snooping around the house of the suspected killer. Rosie did not have ties to Flora, but because of her loyalty to Marisol, she risks her own safety to help her friend.

Grey’s Anatomy – The friendship between Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Christina Yang has had its strains, but they always find forgiveness and understanding for one another. Their lives are completely different, but they still understand each other.

Witches of East End – Four women, actually family members (a mother, an aunt, and two sisters) trust each other to keep their powers, identities as witches, and past lives a secret from anyone else they encounter in life. Imagine trusting a friend to keep a secret for life, or lives to come, that’s a lot of trust to have in a friend or a family member.

Drop Dead Diva – Best friends Deb and Stacy communicate openly and honestly, with one another. They knew each other so well that when Deb died and became Jane on the show, she told Stacy that she was Deb inside, but living in another’s body and Stacy believed her. That kind of trust and communication is important in any relationship, but especially with friends. We don’t always understand each other or know what each person is going through, but the only way to find out is to talk about it.

Real Housewives of AtlantaKeep the laughter going no matter what happens in life. It is important to have a laugh or two, or five between friends! Just as the ladies of Atlanta do on this show. They go through life events and deal with them by talking about it, having a good laugh and moving on. Situations arise that cause struggle, but laughter with friends can remedy bad feelings in any situation.

Be happy to have friends that communicate their feelings well, are dependable, trustworthy, loyal and understanding, but most importantly be grateful for the friends that make laughter so contagious.

what we can learn about friendship from televisionKAYLA WILSON is the creator of Perfecting Patty, a blog built on “little quotes and anecdotes” of inspiration. She dreams of traveling and writing the novel of all novels. For now, she writes articles, blog posts, and the occasional short story. You can reach Kayla on twitter @msperfectpatty or on her blog.

What TV shows inspire you and your friendships? SHARE below!

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